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You can rely on the Internet to provide you with many things consistently, from all varieties of porn to various angry cats. But the most consistently pushed piece of sometimes shameful consumption are the random betting props, especially as they relate to the NFL.

Hey, do you think Aaron Rodgers will throw a touchdown pass in the second quarter of the Packers’ Week 2 game at the 3:14 mark? There’s a prop for that somewhere.

So of course, with Tim Tebow now officially on a practice field in New England, there are avenues to wager on his crappiness, and overall relevance during the 2013 NFL season. Here’s BoDog‘s offering:

Tim Tebow – Will he make the Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster?     

Yes                   -400      (1/4)

No                    +250     (5/2)

Tim Tebow – Will he start a game as a QB for the Patriots in the 2013 Regular Season?       

Yes                  +600     (6/1)

No                    -1200    (1/12)

* Must make Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster for action.

Tim Tebow – Will he throw a TD Pass in the 2013 Regular Season?           

Yes                  +200    (2/1)

No                    -300     (1/3)

* Must make Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster for action.

Tim Tebow – Total Rushing & Receiving TD’s in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under                   1.5

* Must make Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster for action.

Tim Tebow – Will he attempt a Pass in the 2013 Regular Season? 

Yes                   -300    (1/3)

No                    +200    (2/1)

* Must make Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster for action.

Pro tip: don’t put even three cents on any of those. But some of you inevitably will, so here are a few stray thoughts:

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I watched the GIF below earlier this morning. Then I watched it again, and again. And I’m still watching it.

This is my life, and now it’s yours if you want it, because I feel obligated to do my part to ensure that as many Internet eyes as possible land on this piece of artwork by the always amazing LSU Freek.

Alright, now back to the serious matter of discussing the monumental influence of a third-string quarterback, if that exists.

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San Diego Chargers v New York Jets

Tim Tebow is still without a job after being released by the New York Jets this week, but that doesn’t mean teams have closed the door on signing him this off-season. The Eagles, Bears and Cowboys are among teams that have already stated they have no interest in signing the former Florida Gator, but would the Dolphins be a fit?

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who’s offices are based out of South Florida, said he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the Dolphins sign him to a contract.


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Last year, you gave your mother fresh new oven mitts on Mother’s Day, and a gift card to the Olive Garden. Never again.

Things will be different this year. You’ll give her a gift filled with caring, compassion, and love for all of humankind. And given recent events, you’ll be able to purchase all that for the low, low price of $8.36.


Thanks, Mike Freeman


I promised myself that after addressing the destroyer of good football discourse known as Tim Tebow earlier this morning with a lengthy, cleansing rant, I’d steer clear for a while. Yet here we are again.

But this extra bit is necessary to note something that many seem to be taking for granted: Tebow would be a backup in the CFL too.

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San Diego Chargers v New York Jets

On March 21st last year, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, and at the time if their intention was to build an offense around their new quarterback’s unique skillset — scrambling, running, and occasionally completing a forward pass — much like the Broncos did, then their sacrifice would have been tolerable. The Jets gave Denver fourth- and sixth-round picks in the draft that just concluded over the weekend.

It would have been fine if Mark Sanchez wasn’t present, and had he not just been given a contract with a whole lot of money, and one that guarantees him $8.25 million next year despite his woeful averageness at best, and turd imitation at worst (oh and hey, that contract is the only reason Sanchez wasn’t cut today too, and instead he has a real shot at the starting job).

Trading for Tebow would have been just dandy if he was given a more prominent role than punt protector. Or if he was asked to do something of importance more than, I dunno, 40 times over his 11 game appearances (32 rushing attempts, eight pass attempts). Or if when the season was finally and officially lost and Sanchez was removed, and it was abundantly clear that trying something new — anything at all, dear god — was the logical avenue to pursue, he wasn’t bypassed on the quarterback depth chart, with Greg McElroy (Greg McElroy!!!!!!!!1) starting instead.

But all of those things happened. Every one of them. And now here’s the lasting memory we have of Tim Tebow in New York…

Oh and this too, in its repeated motion glory with our hero Mario replacing the ball which went doink off our other hero’s helmet…

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Jeff Garcia rarely says something that matters, and I’m not sure this is one of those times either. But we’re rolling with it, because it’s even more seldom when Jeff Garcia says something that we agree with, and so does anyone else who thinks logical thoughts.

Garcia has been working with Mark Sanchez throughout this offseason, and trying to shape him into a competent quarterback. While it would be easy to throw some jabs at Garcia here, it’s even easier to argue that in his fleeting prime, he was a much better passer than Sanchez.

But I digress. What’s important is that Garcia spoke some real talk about Timothy Tebow, and his inexplicable presence on the Jets’ roster.

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