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In the NFL, if you’re talented, you’ll be employed. After the season ends in just over a week and we’ve digested the Super Bowl, those are nine words I’ll surely write repeatedly as we lumber towards free agency.

The evidence is easy to find. Aqib Talib’s injury was a major factor during the Patriots’ AFC Championship game loss, but Talib himself was a major reason why New England advanced that far, and why their secondary started bending instead of breaking during the second half of the season. He’s not exactly a good dude.

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss didn’t have legal trouble, but both receivers have consistently followed the same loop throughout their careers. Thrive, let their douchey diva nature ruin everything, exit, and repeat. Owens remained employed for many years, and Moss is set to play in the Super Bowl next week.

Titus Young is good, but he’s not Moss, and he’s not Owens. He’s just…good.

And good isn’t nearly good enough to consistently display a cancerous attitude and maintain employment. We may be reaching here, Titus, but perhaps it’s time to stop publicly ripping your current team and asking to be released.

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No one ever doubted how talented Titus Young is. It was his immaturity that led people to question how high his ceiling could be. He’s been called an asshole by a teammate, publicly showed up his Wide Receivers coach and was inactive last week. Once again, Young will not play today. Worse yet, as of 11:00 am this morning Young hasn’t arrived at Ford Field according to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson.

While Young is basically a lost cause, this should buoy the hopes of Ryan Broyles owners. Going forward the former Oklahoma Sooner is officially Matt Stafford’s number two target and will be until the season comes to a close.

"Titus Young is the best!" -- Ryan Broyles owners

There’s a certain process to an NFL offensive play appearing on a field in a meaningful game. The offensive coordinator reviews tape on the upcoming opponent, and then he draws up said play. Then it’s practiced repeatedly throughout the week, with the kinks thoroughly ironed.

While that process is intricate, it’s also simple. Develop the play, practice the play, implement the play, rinse and repeat. It requires the time, effort, and energy of a lot of people on a lot of levels. So when a player purposely sabotages that process during a crucial juncture of a game, he’s scum. Slimy, green, disgusting scum.

Lady and gents, I give you Titus Young.

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In today’s reminder that we’re not permitted to possess nice things, Titus Young has missed his second straight practice. Several weeks ago this would have been little more than a ticker item that scrolls by while ESPN continues to perform its daily Tim Tebow fellatio.

But now with Nate Burleson out and Calvin Johnson sometimes struggling and sometimes not with a knee injury of his own, Young was thought to be the BEST WAIVER WIRE PICKUP EVER a few weeks ago. That was when he had 181 receiving yards and two touchdowns over a two-game stretch while filling in for Burleson. Now although he’ll likely still play this weekend, Young is increasingly becoming a victim of the fantasy overlords who are nourished by our tears.

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As we go through the usual routine of dusting ourselves off on a Monday morning from hangovers that are either induced by beverages, too much football consumption, or hurricane baby making, foggy numbers always emerge from the heavens.

More specifically, as we look back on Sunday it’s always important to dissect the usage that’s spread around each offense, whether it’s the carry split between running backs, the targets for wide receivers, or just simply the amount of plays each player was on the field for, because doing anything of significance is only possible if you’re on the field.

This is a weekly ritual, and usually if we see something that especially jumps off the screen, we note it as we run through the various taking points created by another Sunday of hot football action. Today two such usage trends have already risen, showing two players who are possibly headed in opposite directions.

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(*Licks finger, raises it in the air*) Yuuuup, it’s about that time. Early-round picks are dropping, waiver claims for their backups are failing, and fear is growing. It’s mid-October, do you know where your running backs are?

During this week’s trip through the murky depths of fake waiver wires we meet two running backs that you need to claim right now if you own either Maurice Jones-Drew or Trent Richardson, and a quarterback play that will make you feel pretty good about yourself.

Due to some time constraints today we had to stop one position short, and forgo an in-depth look at the tight end wire. Trust me, you’re not missing much. Desperate Fred Davis owners might be able to get lucky in a league where Jacob Tamme isn’t owned (owned in 43% of Yahoo leagues, and 67% of ESPN leagues), but your odds are much better in one of the many more leagues where Brandon Myers and his 55.7 receiving yards per game are still available (3.2% in ESPN leagues, 13% of Yahoo leagues).

Anywho, let’s do this.

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