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Confession: two days ago, I was one of you, albeit briefly. If you’re among those praising Tom Brady for accepting a contract that was at the time thought to be well below market standards, I joined your kind in the immediate aftermath of the deal before the details were known, calling Brady the “Mother Teresa of football“. Please excuse me while I eat soap.

Since then we’ve learned that what looked like a $27 million extension for three years actually gives Brady more guaranteed money, and thus, well, more money because the guaranteed portion of NFL contracts is all that ever matters. Prior to the deal he was under contract for two years, and set to receive $30 million in guarantees. Now that number has nearly doubled to $57 million, which includes a $30 million signing bonus.

He’s no saint. He’s just a regular rich football player, and now he’s guaranteed to become significantly more rich over the next five years. The gains for the Patriots are in the base salary and salary cap hit, which are achieved by siphoning the money through that bonus. That’s how $15 million in cap space has been found.

So it may be that soap I’m still eating, but I threw up a little bit while reading Brady’s comments earlier this morning during an interview with WEEI in Boston.

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Tom Brady is now the Mother Teresa of football. His generosity lives not only in his heart, but also in his wallet. Possibly other places too, but you’ll have to ask Gisele.

Brady signed a three-year contract extension today, and the digits attached to his new inking represent something rare in today’s NFL: a player who doesn’t want money. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King has the details:

Brady, a league source told, is signing a contract with New England that will pay him significantly less money than the market will bear, in large part to help the Patriots stay competitive for the next five seasons.

Amazingly, according to the source, the deal is for an eye-poppingly conservative $27 million, which is less than half his worth by any measure.

The extension will pay Brady a $3 million signing bonus immediately, in addition to salaries of $7 million in 2015, $8 million in 2016 and $9 million in 2017. Brady told Sports Illustrated five years ago he wanted to play until he was 40, at least, and this will accomplish that. He turns 40 on Aug. 3, 2017

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Hey, does anyone have an egg? How about a dozen of them? Can you please scramble them up — scramble them real good like — and then put them all over my face in several layers? Thanks.

Yes, I was wrong, and Tom Brady was in fact fined $10,000 last night for his judo kick on Ed Reed during the AFC Championship game in the final minute of the second quarter. I’ll let the shock of me being wrong wash over you for a second. Would you like a minute to collect yourself? Fine.

OK, carrying on then.

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Let me take you back, oh, exactly 24 hours ago, when in this very space — this sacred Chain Links space — we discussed Tom Brady’s poor sliding technique. Like most things Tom Brady, the topic won’t die.

And rightfully so, I might add. As I said then in reaction to Bernard Pollard”s first comments on Brady’s kick in the direction of Ed Reed when he was sliding with 20 seconds left in the second quarter of the AFC Championship game, there was a strong stench to his very awkward, very douchey-looking slide. At best, it was stupid, and at worst it was a completely unnecessary lack of sportsmanship, and a blatant disregard for one of the few areas of etiquette in football. Namely, if you’re giving yourself up on a play you should, well, give yourself up on a play.

But Pollard wasn’t done with just his post-game remarks in which he called Brady’s slide “bull crap“. He wants the league to take a look.

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First, he was all like…

Then he was like…

Then he needed a minute alone…

Finally, he just said “you know what? I’m out”…

Goodnight, Tom. We’ll see you again someday.

I have breaking, urgent, and disappointing news to report: the fantasy football season will end soon.

Let that rattle around for a few minutes. I’ve often referenced the fact that many of you have spent the past three months or more sheltered in your bunker that’s far removed from your family. And now in about two weeks you’ll be faced with a severe shock as family life returns during the most frantic time of the year for such matters. Suddenly you’ve gone from scrutinizing T.Y. Hilton’s inconsistent production and yards per reception to putting a carrot on a snowman. If your mind isn’t focused, the placement of that carrot could have long-lasting and drastic psychological effects on your children.

Yes, this time of the year is a little bittersweet for so many of us. A large percentage of the fantasy football playing public will see their season end this week, if that already didn’t happen last week. So much like the holiday season as a whole when we look back on the year that was and all the awful things we did (which prompts the composing of horrid songs), this is a time for fantasy reflection. Oh, we’ll be breaking down the fantasy playoffs plenty in this space, and dedicating many hours when we should be sleeping to that exercise. But that process of reflection will slowly begin as we attempt to learn something from the 2012 season.

With that in mind, let’s turn to the excellent J.J. Zachariason for a quick reminder of a drafting philosophy that we’ve touched on before, and we’ll touch on it many, many more times because it bears repeating.

Don’t overvalue quarterbacks during the height of a passing era when passing numbers are quickly inflated, and late-round QBs are providing great value in terms of fantasy production.

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He's a bad man.

There is evil among us.

We see them on the evening news. Convenience store clerk wounded. Kittens neglected. Lemonade stand blagged. Sometimes the culprits get away with it – the world isn’t always just.

Thankfully, there is a modicum of decency in this world. Times when the beleaguered rise up to confront their tormentors. Today was one of those days.

Kyle Williams was fined $15,000 for his vicious hit on the back of Tom Brady’s calf in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

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