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We took a little sabbatical yesterday. You may have noticed, or at least I hope you noticed, because if you didn’t that makes me sad. In hindsight I suppose I could have been courteous and kind with an announcement informing you of our Monday absence around these parts, while directing you to pursue your Internet procrastination elsewhere.

For our American friends who aren’t aware, it was a long weekend here in the great nation of Canada, the one when we annually celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday with many barley-based beverages. Good times were had by all I’m sure, and in less than a week the U.S. of A will have its own three-day weekend festivities. Sunshine for everyone.

Anywho, where did we leave off Friday when we last spoke? Ahhh yes, we were discussing a pretty important injury to a pretty important player that may or may not effect his status for training camp. Yeah, about that…

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We’ve all been Romo’ed

I tried, guys. I tried to resist the delectable nectar of the low-hanging fruit, and make Washington’s win much more about Alfred Morris’ brilliance or Robert Griffin III’s resilience than Tony Romo’s failure. The former two are more than deserving of the accolades, and while Romo was again awful throughout an elimination game and especially at a crucial juncture, he often receives far too much blame.

But this time, he needs to wear it.

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The Eagles would like to give you an early Christmas gift. No, it’ll be nothing like the tire iron my dad once bought my mom for Christmas because she recently had a flat (seriously). It’ll be more like a pool filled with gold. So please accept this gift bestowed upon you by the Eagles defense, and start Tony Romo this week.

Despite Romo’s highly appealing matchup, there’s an intriguing and difficult Romo question that’s kicks off this week’s tweetbag. So let’s dig in, and rip open our digital bag 0′ fun. As always, I tried to answer most of your questions, but couldn’t get to all of them. Keep firing away every week, and I’ll fire back. Together, we might learn something. Maybe.

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With trade deadlines having come and gone, there are now only two ways to affect your fantasy team – waiver wire additions and start’em/sit’em decisions. I’m here to help with the latter. Sean Tomlinson has the former covered right here.

We’re going to break these decisions down into three categories. Green Light status means this player should absolutely be in your lineup under all circumstances. Yellow Light means you can use this player if necessary, but you should try to avoid it. Red Light status means stay away from this player at all costs.

Feel free to post any start’em/sit’em questions you may have in the comments and I’ll give you my two cents worth

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Those fingers that crept ever so slightly over the end zone boundary’s white surface will be the centerpiece of the lasting image from a game which ended as a microcosm of Tony Romo, the Cowboy, the quarterback, and the man, but definitely not the legend.

He’s Bart Starr, and then for fleeting, crushing seconds, he’s JaMarcus Russell. He’s loved, and then he’s hated. He’s accurate, and then he’s throwing a pick to a defensive lineman (this actually happened). He’s Tony Romo, and he’s equally brilliant and mystifying, and today we saw doses of both split almost directly down the middle.

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Troy Aikman was trying to sell us on the merits of seeing Kenny Chesney live. As I cleared the blood out of my ears Tony Romo was under throwing a pass to an uncovered Dez Bryant. It should’ve been a touchdown. Sadly that was a highlight for Tony in a half marred by comically inept passing from Jerry Jones’ favorite quarterback.

Three interceptions — one taken back for a touchdown by Jason Pierre-Paul — brought out the twitter trolls from far and wide. Making fun of Tony Romo is no longer funny. It’s low hanging fruit that should be left untouched.

After falling into a hole the Boys have come all the way back and now lead 24-23 in the fourth quarter. Romo’s numbers are borderline acceptable — 320 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions — but we must never forget the Quarterback we saw in the early moment’s of this afternoon’s game.

In fact the entire game is an excellent microcosm of who Romo is as a QB. Wildly fluctuating between above and below average. One day Jerry Jones will realize this. For now the Cowboys remain mired in mediocrity. Beating the Giants twice would be excellent, but in the end we know who this team is.

Knowing the inevitable sucks.

Update: Romo connects with Dez Bryant to win the game – or did he. Bryant’s finger was out of bounds. Dallas loses, the narrative lives. Man.

The Bears got the best of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys this past Monday, intercepting the quarterback five times, including once using Cover 2 against the famous Cowboys “Bang 8″ concept.

The concept is one of the most dominant in the team’s history, dating back to the early 1990′s when Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman was slinging the ball around. But the Bears effectively put a stop to it with the Cover 2. What was Romo trying to do when he made his costly decision, and why is it so difficult to throw against the Bears’ vaunted defense?

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