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Dry your eyes mate.

“And Tony Romo … I’ve seen him break his collarbone! I’ve seen him break a rib! Puncture a lung! This is the TOUGHEST COWBOY THEY HAVE IN TEXAS!!! But at the end of the night, Tony Romo gets more done on his own than any quarterback in pro football. LOOK AT TONY ROMO CREATE PLAYS WITH HIS LEGS AND HIS ARM. He has no fear … I love this song (“God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas) … GOD BLESS TONY ROMO … They need to change the words of this song. Because without Tony Romo, the Cowboys got no chance. But he is the most dazzling playmaking quarterback in football and I LovewatchinghimRomo. “GOD BLESS TEXAS!!! Make my day, Tirico … go ahead. Make my day!!!”

Jon Gruden’s peyote induced rant at the beginning of Monday Night Football was the most terrifying thing I’ve heard in my life. Unbridled enthusiasm mixed with insanity is dangerous when unchecked.

Though it was insane, Gruden’s ‘most dazzling playmaking quarterback in football’ claim serves as a reminder for Romo haters and lovers alike. The expectations for Romo would never be met. He was never going to fill Troy Aikman’s shoes. He was never going to lead the Cowboys back to the glory days. Read the rest of this entry »

Actually, you’re lying a little bit, negative headline. You see, generally speaking, being Tony Romo is pretty sweet, or at least we assume it is. It’s not quite as fun as being Tom Brady, and it’s not nearly as righteous as being Tim Tebow, but it’s still pretty damn cool on a superficial (read: male) level due to Romo’s mini-Jeter batting order of women before he settled down with Candace Crawford.

But what about Tony Romo the quarterback, the guy who so thoroughly enjoys chocking in the fourth quarter? So says the narrative, at least. That guy doesn’t have any friends to play with.

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