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This game looked like it could be a blowout after Trindon Holliday’s 90 yard punt return touchdown. Not so fast. Joe Flacco hooked up with Torrey Smith for a 59-yard bomb, burning Champ Bailey in the process. The Ravens now lead 14-7 after a Corey Graham pick six. Don’t blink, you might miss something.

Let’s begin this day — this either joyous, or horrendously awful day — with some pleasant news. That’s how I generally like to begin most of my Sundays, along with a heaping bowl of Lucky Charms.

There are only three late-afternoon games today, which means any roster decision tied to those games is extremely difficult. But while we’re still waiting and will continue to wait for definitive word on Ahmad Bradshaw’s status (yeah, good luck with that…hold me), the status of another widely-started player in that Ravens-Giants game has been cleared up.

Torrey Smith will play, according to a report from ProFootballTalk. Smith had been recovering from a concussion sustained in Week 15, and although he participated in all three practices this week, he did so on a limited basis and he still needed to pass one final test before being cleared for game action. He’s now been given that clearance, and he’ll be on the field this afternoon.

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I was about to begin this Monday as I do every other Monday: with a reflection back on the Sunday that was, followed by injury updates and an assessment of the impact of those injuries, and then more reflection, more analysis, and more wondering about what it all means. Even though every Monday there’s still one game left in any given week, with the majority of the games completed and the Sunday hangover slowly subsiding, it always feels like the beginning of a new cycle.

And we’ll do all of that, and do it in abundance. But right now let’s pause for a different kind of reflection, because after what Torrey Smith did last night, everything else seems so very inconsequential.

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In many ways, tonight’s Bengals-Ravens game was predicable. In a few others, it was surprising, with names both emerging and teasing.

The Ravens won, which was the least astonishing aspect of the evening. They’ve now won all three of their games against the Bengals during the Andy Dalton era, and over those three games they’ve posted 97 points on their division rivals. That was the surprise; the way in which the Ravens won, and their sheer dominance. Their 44-13 win handed Cincy its worst margin of defeat in Week 1 since 1991.

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