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What, so God is on Twitter?

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Man, there are a lot of funny people on Twitter. The whole world is funny, really. Nearly every single person who has a Twitter account was able to make a really awesome blackout joke. It was pretty impressive.

Oh and also, Beyonce is attractive.

(Football butt slap to Archi Zuber for compiling both these tweets and our earlier tweetbag. And the one that will appear after the fourth quarter. Zubes is rollin’ tonight, guys.)

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The Twitters watched the first half of the Super Bowl. What did the Twitters see? Chris Culliver hates being too close to guys, super awesome opportunities to reference Disney shows, and…and…PUT IN ALEX SMITH NOW OMG.

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Should you start Josh Freeman under any circumstance? NO NO NO NO NO NO

But what about Rob Gronkowski? Or David Wilson? Or Michael Turner? Or Sean Tomlinson? You should definitely start that last guy. As for the rest, well, they’re scrubs, and a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from you (so sorry).

Championship week is here, and predictably your questions and roster decisions are getting difficult. They made my head hurt, but in fairness, so do multiplication tables. So let’s fill the Thursday Night Football void in our lives, and meander through the championship tweetbag together.

Grab your green hat.

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Questions? You got ‘em. Answers? I might have them, or at least I’ll pretend.

Ye ol’ tweetbag returns for another week. When we ripped open Santa’s sack of fantasy goodies on the day that Week 15 (semi-final week for most of you) begins, we found battle royales between Pierre Garcon and Eric Decker, and another one between Heath Miller and Martellus Bennett. All limbs remained in their proper positions, and no football players were injured during the making of this post.

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Every week we ask you guys to send us your fantasy related questions. For the most part we’re able to provide answers for your queries — Kaepernick or Roethlisberger, Decker or Welker and so forth. Unfortunately there are some people we simply can’t help. Daniel James is one of those people.

Some thoughts:

1) This is a championship winning team in a universe where fantasy scoring is based on being an ass clown.

2) Sadly, there are owners out there who will actually rely on Braylon Edwards and Plaxico Burress this week. You’re in our thoughts.

3) Ced Benson is DJ’ing in Austin.

4) Owens, Plax and Kellen — there’s a lifetime movie waiting to be made.

5) Vince Young > Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not joking.

I sense a disturbance in the fantasy force this week. You’re worried about injuries (yes, Bryce Brown will start), and you have quarterback quandaries involving quarterbacks who are nearly identical in production and value.

So you had lots of questions, which led to some interesting explorations of scenarios and issues, and I may have even supplied a few answers. You can be the judge of that. But read on, and we can be enlightened, confused, and afraid together.

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