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The Eagles would like to give you an early Christmas gift. No, it’ll be nothing like the tire iron my dad once bought my mom for Christmas because she recently had a flat (seriously). It’ll be more like a pool filled with gold. So please accept this gift bestowed upon you by the Eagles defense, and start Tony Romo this week.

Despite Romo’s highly appealing matchup, there’s an intriguing and difficult Romo question that’s kicks off this week’s tweetbag. So let’s dig in, and rip open our digital bag 0′ fun. As always, I tried to answer most of your questions, but couldn’t get to all of them. Keep firing away every week, and I’ll fire back. Together, we might learn something. Maybe.

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Colin Kaepernick will never be this popular again. We all want to know if he’ll be better than Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman or Cam Newton or Johnny Unitas this week. And that whirlwind discussion is surrounding a quarterback who’s maybe/almost definitely starting over Alex Smith, but we still don’t have a definitive word, and we might not get that blessing until Sunday morning. Fantastic, yes?

So it came with little surprise that our weekly dive into the digital mailbag begins with another question about the Big CK. I’m not sure if anyone’s called him that yet, but dibs if it catches on.

Keep submitting your questions to our friendly neighborhood Twitter account here at starting every Tuesday, and I’ll keep answering them on Thursday. Some call that a system. I call it controlled ranting.

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Patience is supposedly a virtue, but points aren’t awarded in fantasy football for being virtuous. No amount of baby kissing will bring you a championship crown. If that were possible, I suspect the pregnancy rate between September and December would skyrocket yearly. Whatever it takes, you guys.

This week’s Tweetbag O’ Questions is filled with many reasons for both worry and patience, starting with brother Eli. So let’s dive into this digital discourse.

I can’t get to all of your questions every week, because I have a strict philosophy against working too hard. But keep firing them off to The Score’s Twitter account, and I’ll keep punching keys every Thursday afternoon. Together, we’ll find the answers to every question ever asked.

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Our adventures into the ol’ tweetbag this week led to many different directions. Should you give up on Darren McFadden? Will Rashard Mendenhall doing anything for you ever? What’s Robert Griffin III’s trade value in a keeper league?

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Do you hate this man?

When this here online writing space began in its new form back in August, I used poetic, friendly words to say that the root of the fantasy football addiction is the need to explore questions which have no definitive answer. I still believe there’s a lot of truth to that, although I was partly covering my hind region for the day when my predictions and prognostications would be woefully wrong.

So now let’s explore together, sort of like the Reading Rainbow, just with less dragons and pirates and cosmic star stuff. Sorry about that.

This week we started to take your fantasy questions through The Score’s Twitter account. The process is simple, and it’s the first time anyone has ever tried something like it on the Internet. Every week we’ll collect questions through Twitter starting on Tuesday, and then Thursday afternoon we’ll take the best handful, and use them to sort out our problems together.

Consider it therapy, only it’s free, and you don’t have to lie down. I guess you can if you want, but that’s sort of weird.

Onwards then, with five intriguing queries from the first batch.

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