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If the Cleveland Browns have a monetary figure attached to their name that starts with a “b”, and ends in “illion”, we can say with reasonable confidence that NFL teams and their owners aren’t struggling for cash. If anything, they need to be saved from their greenback death.

But something funny happens when you start to get rich, or at least I assume it does, because today I’m wearing a sock with a sizable hole in the heel. Rich guys start to really, thoroughly, immensely enjoy money, which leads to a powerful sense of gluttony, and the need to always have avenues to acquire more money. And that, at least in part, is why it’s surprising that Roger Goodell and his posse of old rich dudes aren’t even entertaining the idea of putting ads on uniforms sometime soon.

I know, you just became very angry. I will be too if I ever have to look at a Tostitos ad on, say, the sacred Cowboys uniform while I’m also being told that a late-game fourth down conversion attempt is indeed for all the Tostitos. But since we learned not so long ago that one — yes, one — logo on an NFL uniform could be worth up to $14 million, and since the NBA is now allowing small ads on uniforms, the NFL following a few steps behind wouldn’t be surprising at all.

Not gonna happen, says the commish.

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