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There’s cheer and holiday wonder in the air as we keep steaming towards two untimely ends: first, the annual December demise of your bank account, and then the dashing of your fantasy delusions during the final four.

The latter is already upon us, with fantasy money making time officially here. Most leagues that are fair and just give a financial reward of some kind to the top three finishers, meaning those still alive have now earned themselves a shot at sweet cash

But alas, Aaron Rodgers likely still won’t be blessing us with his presence this week. Ditto for Adrian Peterson, and Rob Gronkowski has departed for 2013. What the hell, bro? To the waiver wire mobile.

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The triumphs, the tragedies, and the triumphs and the tragedies. It all starts now, friends, fantasy football playoff time. Breathe it in and drink it up.

The ever-escalating intensity of your weekly decision-making process begins tonight, when needs are addressed for a nominal fee on the waiver wire. Need a solid running back to flex? There’s a Donald Brown for that. Need (another) Aaron Rodgers replacement? Welp…

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In Week 13 and beyond, the dynamic of the waiver wire changes. Bye weeks are over, which means you’re not desperately searching for a key replacement, and in deep leagues you’re not praying to our fantasy overlords for…something, just anything or anyone at all. Instead, you can now be selective, and pluck favorable matchups. That applies universally unless you own a running back who just broke.

More forthcoming on that in a minute. First, let’s stream some quarterbacks.

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Just over a week from now otherwise well-meaning souls will be beating each other with iPads after all-night Wal Mart camp outs. That mass of swarming retail humanity usually signifies something glorious for fake footballers: the end of bye weeks.

Yes, they will mercifully conclude this week, with the Seahawks, Bills, Eagles, and Bengals giving us one last go around on the waiver wire replacement craps table. Let’s get to it then…

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Another week, more quarterback injuries (and a notable QB bye), and more gold — both fool’s and otherwise — among the wide receivers. Oh goody, let’s dig in.

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End times. End times for all.

If you own Aaron Rodgers, you spent a second-round pick on Aaron Rodgers, and you therefore expected/hoped that significant early investment in a position that can easily be addressed later would lead to two things: a player who’s far above and beyond his quarterback peers, and an easy playoff berth. You might not get either.

At eighth in fantasy points, Rodgers is behind the likes of Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and Philip Rivers, all of whom were drafted far behind the Packers quarterback. And now you’ll be without him for a yet undetermined amount of time after Rodgers was driven into the Earth by Shea McClellin last night.

Earlier today Rodgers said he has a fractured collarbone, and although the timetable remains uncertain, the rosiest return seems to be three-to-four weeks. That means there’s a very real chance Rodgers will be gone for the remainder of the fantasy regular season. This is my sad face.

Clearly the fantasy impact of Rodgers’ absence goes far beyond the quarterback himself, as Jordy Nelson now becomes the latest Larry Fitzgerald, a tremendously talented wide receiver who will suffer greatly due to insufficient quarterback play. Same goes for James Jones, and despite his brilliance last night, it’s not all peaches for Eddie Lacy, who could quickly see more stacked boxes.

But what about you, the Rodgers owner who’s only now picking himself up from a flat surface somewhere? Sit down, get a blanket to ease those cold sweats, and sip some herbal tea. There’s a waiver wire to ease your pain.

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Alight guys, we did it. We did it together, and we made it through a week with six byes.

Cool, wicked. Now we have six more, including Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford chillin’ with pancakes on a Sunday afternoon like the rest of us. Yep, that’s two of the top three fantasy scorers, with Manning on top and it’s not close (he has 215.5 points, while Drew Brees is well behind at 163). With the Cardinals, Jaguars, Giants, and 49ers also doing whatever it is football players do on bye week Sundays (play Mega Man, no doubt), the pain runs deep this week again.

So let me know when you’re able to rise from the floor, and we’ll start the weekly waiver wire panic.

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