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What a wonderful world filled with hits, interceptions, fumbles, and incompetent quarterback play that we live in this week. Here are the opposing quarterbacks for the Chiefs, Seahawks, and 49ers, otherwise known as the second, fifth, and eighth ranked defenses by total yards allowed per game: Jason Campbell, Chad Henne, and Kellen Clemens. Yep, that’s two backups, and another guy who’s Chad Henne.

The fantasy owners of those defenses are set to make bank this weekend. But they’re widely, and almost universally owned, which is a problem. Since I’m cheap and most of you are too, each week we search for defensive bargains around these parts, and today that scavenger hunt begins with the Chiefs’ opponents.

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Darrius Heyward-Bey will be targeted a whole lot more with Reggie Wayne out.

We face dire, awful times, because bye week and injury madness leads to sadness. You’re already hating fantasy football forever after yet another wide receiver (Reggie Wayne) was added to the scrap heap this week, and Doug Martin — the first overall pick for some — is out indefinitely. Then there’s the crumbling of Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler, two depth plays often stashed as QB2′s. Now they’re gone, and we’re facing the snarling teeth of bye weeks.

Yeah, about that. Good luck setting your lineups, because over the next two weeks 12 teams have their byes (this week it’s the Ravens, Bears, Texans, Colts, Chargers, and Titans). The worst.

For many it’s not a waiver wire this week then. It’s more of a waiver lifeline. Or, if you will, a waiver rope to tie however you wish.

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If you were the type who sought to be the enemy of group think by taking a quarterback early in your fantasy draft despite all the wealth of advice imploring you to do otherwise, there’s a wee little problem this week. It’s the sort of conundrum that leads to hive breakout pandemics nationwide: the Saints are on their bye week (along with the Raiders), which means Drew Brees is on his bye. Which means…

 photo StarTrek-mindblown.gif

Thankfully, there’s a waiver wire for that, and a Nick Foles for that.

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I assume by now Julio Jones owners have had their long cry while eating all the ice cream and watching A Walk To Remember on repeat. Good, because there’s waiver work to be done, with plenty of options readily available to replace your precious.

So come with me, and let’s begin the weekly journey into the waiver darkness.

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SCREAMING HEADLINE CAVEAT: Only if he plays (also, hot sports takes ahead).

You know what you guys should never do? Read the headline of last week’s waiver wire adventure post. I believe, though I can’t be sure, it says something like this “Buying the Broyles bust out“. In his ascent to a starting role with Nate Burleson out — or at least something close to it — Ryan Broyles caught exactly zero passes in Week 4. Now, that may have been dictated by the flow of the game, as the slot receiver still played more snaps than Reggie Bush, Joique Bell, Joe Fauria, and Tony Scheffler. Alas, he still didn’t even touch a football.

So there you have it. I’d drop the same fantasy waiver hot take again because everything was aligned properly for at least decent flex numbers from Broyles for those of you who needed that, but my soul has now been cleansed after confessing to a rather large goose egg. There’s a lesson here…

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Those blasted bye weeks have returned (Packers and Panthers this week), increasing the importance of your waiver gambling. So go forth, and bid many dollars on Ryan Broyles before he tears something else.

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We’re setting sail on this week’s trip into the wavier wilderness with heavy hearts, because between Steven Jackson, Ray Rice, Eddie Lacy, Maurice Jones-Drew, and a hobbled but likely still playing Reggie Bush, running backs were struck down with fury in Week 2. We must find new peons, fast.

You know what happens now: I go through the jungle of waiver gambles, and together hopefully we’ll find solutions for what ails us. Because I enjoy some variety in life, I tried not to duplicate too much from last week, but it’s inevitable/unavoidable sometimes.

Alright then, let’s do this.

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