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The less words said here the better. Here’s a link on the background of Cruz’s tribute. Well done, Victor. Well done.

It happens nearly every year, during nearly every Week 1. A stud who broke out the previous year and has little or no history beyond that single sterling season has a poor game at a time when the desire to fit him into a narrative mold is at its highest. We must have a bust, we must have a breakout star, and we must have the next Victor Cruz.

But what if this Victor Cruz struggles? You know, the actual guy named Victor Cruz. The imaginary and nameless future Cruz has been discussed so much that the real person seems like some puppet invention. He’s real, though, and last night he was far less than spectacular.

Which is convenient, because we will not rest until we have that bust, because using such labels is easy after one week. Surely Cruz will continue to suck for 15 more games.

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Victor Cruz is fast, and fast guys who can catch a football are paid to run really far, look up, reach out, and grasp a spiraling object. Hopefully it’s a football.

We know that Cruz is quite good at this, and we also know that he’s a skilled dancer, with a salsa hip gyration his move of choice. Wide receiver is stupid deep this year, but you’ll probably still buy high on Cruz because the sex appeal of a speedster wideout is far too difficult to resist. That might be connected to Cruz’s hip thrusting, or he may have mastered blue steel.

Either way, you’ll get the quality production you’re purchasing. Just don’t invest expecting Cruz’s 2011 numbers in 2012.

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