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Chris Cooley is a fun guy. He married a cheerleader and divorced a cheerleader, while also marrying a team and then divorcing a team, a career move that wasn’t his choice, but was instead made by Redskins management with little room left for an aging tight end who has chronic knee problems on their roster behind Fred Davis.

Also, a locker room can only hold so many steins.

But now after he was a roster cut down day casualty due to both the lack of room on the Redskins’ tight end depth chart, and mostly the lack of healthy structure in his knees, Cooley will be employed again in Washington later today once he passes a physical. The move isn’t motivated by a sudden realization that a 30-year-old tight end has experienced some kind of off-field renaissance. No, it’s motivated by desperation, and the loss of Davis for the season.

When Davis suffered a non-contact injury yesterday and went down in the back of the end zone, suddenly depth was needed in Washington at a critical position, especially with a mobile rookie quarterback at the helm of the offense who leans heavily on his safety valve at times. So predictably it took a matter of hours for Cooley’s phone to ring, as a tight end who’s familiar with Mike Shanahan’s system was an easy decision during the brief search to fill the void left by Davis.

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After running a route to the back of the end zone in the first quarter of the Redskins’ divisional game against the Giants, Fred Davis crumbled, and suffered an apparent knee injury.

He was doing the ol’ one-leg dance while hobbling to the sideline, which means two things:

  • He looked like me in da club, between glasses of gin and juice.
  • The injury definitely isn’t a minor one.

He was briefly examined on the sideline, where he still wasn’t able to put any weight on his right leg. A cart was then required to take him to the locker room, and that’s still the worst form of football transportation. The Fox broadcast reported that he’s being evaluated for an Achilles’ injury, and Davis won’t return. So many ughs, so much awful.

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All hail black Jesus.

It seems the term “black Jesus” is more than just an awful Everlast song, and a good way to get lost in the deepest depths of the Internet for a few hours. Black Jesus lives, and his human reincarnation is Robert Griffin III.

Fred Davis is familiar with the dogma of Black Jesus. And with unwavering confidence yesterday after Griffin’s 138 rushing yards that included two scores on the ground during Washington’s 38-26 win over Minnesota, Davis declared that the Redskins QB is in fact Black Jesus.

From the D.C. Sports Bog, behold Davis’ comments to Comcast’s Rob Carlin shortly after the game :

“You really can’t say much more,” Davis said. “I mean, like I said, he’s Black Jesus right now. He saved us today. He’s a great player. He makes plays. And he did what he had to do on that third down. We’ve been talking about him protecting himself a lot more, but he seen an opening and made a play. And what can you say? I mean, he’s a great player.”

I don’t know about you, but I believe everything an amateur lawyer tells me.

We will remember this as the day when we were all convinced that the one constant on championship-winning fantasy teams this December will be a quarterback commonly known by two letters and a number.

Oh and also, we still hate you, Chan Gailey.

Onwards then, and to the fantasy rants, salivating, and head banging that resulted from a highly-entertaining slate of late afternoon Week 6 games.

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We begin the sixth glorious NFL Sunday of the season with the most expected news possible.

All week, we hoped that Robert Griffin III would play. And all week he practiced, building up to being pretty much a full participant in Washington’s Friday session. Yet all week, we were still at least a little concerned due to the lingering, unpredictable nature of concussions, with symptoms sometimes returning as physical exertion is increased. Earlier this year before his season-ending knee injury we saw Darelle Revis claim that he was fine, but he was unable to fully practice by Friday, and he was therefore a Week 2 scratch.

But there will be no such catastrophe with Bob Griffin, as according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the news we all expected has become a reality and RG3 is starting today against the Vikings.

We’ll have the usual Sunday morning breakdown of all the other notable actives and inactives in a little less than an hour prior to the early kickoffs. But for now, roll back over in the other direction to grab that coffee and Baileys, knowing that the third highest point producer in fantasy is alright.

The mobile quarterback presents both a problem, and a solution to a problem. Like Michael Vick before him, just five games into his career this is the difficult existence of Robert Griffin III.

He allows the offensive coordinator to pursue creative avenues that were otherwise unimaginable before. Options, roll outs, and designed runs can be executed with ease using the quarterback’s elite athleticism, and until defenses adjust (and they always do) there’s an element of surprise.

The problem is that inviting such a unique scheme has consequences, namely repeated blows to the head and other areas of the body which aren’t designed to sustain such punishment. We assumed there would eventually be some kind of breakage with RG3 if he kept running and exposing himself with such frequency, and in Week 5 the inevitable became reality when he sustained a concussion against the Falcons.

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You were warned, Robert Griffin III, and the Redskins. Just because Griffin is fast and able to make plays with his legs and run an option offense effectively doesn’t mean he should do it nearly every play.

Two weeks ago prior to Week 4, we were worried about you, Robert, and not just because you were in the wandering crosshairs of some home-wreaking vixen, and not because of the possibility that you’ll have a son and also name him Robert Griffin and he’ll become a linebacker, and a Griffin will sack a Griffin 20 years from now to begin the slow implosion of our world.

No, we were worried because the third edition of the Griffin name was getting crunched regularly, and through just three games he had already been hit 54 times, the majority of which came on either scrambles or designed runs. So we wondered if Griffin would break, and we praised our fantasy football deities nightly for their efforts to ensure his prolonged health. Losing Griffin for any length of time will be incredibly damaging since he’s the third best point producer at his position, and also the third highest out of all the positions.

Then Sunday, this happened

A hit that was as inevitable as it was avoidable knocked Griffin out of the Redskins’ eventual loss to the Falcons, and although he’s since repeatedly said that he feels good and isn’t experiencing any symptoms, concussions are always an unpredictable injury.

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