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We’re a day late with your weekly stimulation through repeated moving pictures. GIF gate keeper Scott Lewis took a brief sabbatical to visit his homeland on Canada’s majestic east coast, a place where 95-year-old women shoot moose, and that’s just your average Tuesday.

But that turned out to be a cleverly disguised blessing, because now we’ve provided Packers fans with a way to watch the controversial ending of last night’s game throughout their entire work day, week, and year. Please don’t hurt me.

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Week 1 was horrible, Week 2 was outstanding, and Week 3 was somewhere in between from a betting perspective. I went 7-6-1 ATS in all games, but more importantly 2-1 ATS with my recommended bets, getting up above the .500 mark for the first time this year. I thought the swings that I endured last week were rough, but this week I nearly had an ulcer. I can’t remember a crazier group of 1:00 games than the games from this week.

Anyways, without further ado, here were my thoughts from Week 3.

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So it’s the third week now, and hope has been restored, light has been located, and what was lost when minds melted and heads asploded after Week 1 has been found. Serenity now, serenity now.

That will last for, oh, 24 more hours. Week 3, ahoy…

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Week 2 was a great bounce back week for me. After struggling with my picks in Week 1, I rebounded nicely with a 9-4-1 ATS record to get back to the .500 mark. The main difference in that one week span was that I was more willing to bet on bad teams if I felt that there was a little bit of line value with them. I tend to bet a lot of underdogs because there’s usually a lot more value in taking underdogs than favorites. In Week 1, I couldn’t make a case for a lot of the underdogs so I decided to go with the favorites instead of taking the line value. I tweaked my strategy a little bit in Week 2 and I was rewarded for it.

Week 3 presents a lot of good betting opportunities and a lot of games I’m not quite sure about. We’ve only seen two games by each team, so for the second straight week I will stress that the key will be not to overreact to such a small sample size.  Hopefully I can carry the momentum from Week 2 into Week 3.

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Week 3 composite player rankings

It’s week three of the NFL season, and I’ve spent hours (my eyeballs hurt) combining the fantasy rankings of experts Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of into five easy-to-read charts.

Why did I do this?

Is it because I love you? Is it an assigned job? Am I secretly feeding you false information on the off-chance that we’re playing each other in fantasy football this week?

I’m not going to dignify any of those questions with a response. There’s no need to question my motivation, just enjoy this weeks’ rankings.

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