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After hovering around the .500 mark for the first three weeks of the season, I finally had the week I was looking for. I went 10-3 ATS with all of my picks this week, and 3-2 ATS with my recommended bets. In weeks like this I wish I had bet on all the games, but I know that that’s a losing strategy in the long run.

Anyways, without further ado, here were my thoughts from Week 4.

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What have we learned through three weeks? Welp, Chris Johnson is still the worst, and running back is still the most injury-riddled position of all time ever. So yeah, pretty much exactly how the script was written.

Oh, and Joe Flacco is leading all quarterbacks in fantasy points, and Rob Gronkowski is behind Dennis Pitta and Martellus Bennett.

Onwards then, for more surprise and heartache awaits.

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I was pretty happy with the way Week 3 went for me. After struggling with my picks in Week 1, I’ve rebounded nicely in the past couple of weeks going 16-10-2 ATS and getting my recommended bets over the .500 mark.

Week 4 has a lot of tough games on the board. At first glance, there was no single game that stood out to me as a strong play, but as the week has gone on; I feel that there is good value in a number of plays. This week didn’t start out on the best note with my loss with the Ravens -12 on Thursday Night Football, so hopefully that isn’t a sign of things to come.

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Week 4 composite player rankings

This has been an insane week for the National Football League. With scab referees destroying at least one game (possibly two), it seems as though the NFL has finally grown tired of dangerous incompetence and is poised to reach an agreement with the NFLRA. This means that soon we could be screaming and cursing our voices hoarse at unionized officials. Officials who are not only qualified and have a proper grasp on the basic rules and nuances of professional football, but ones who don’t need to have half-hour long conferences each time they need to make a simple holding call.

The only thing that hasn’t changed this week is our collective lust for fantasy football. As always, I’ve collected the rankings of Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of and combined them into five convenient charts.

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