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Week 8 was a great rebound week for me. I went 8-4 ATS on Sunday and for the second straight week I hit two out of my three recommended wagers. I usually write this recap on Monday morning and wonder what the hell I was thinking with a lot of my picks, but I can only say that for a couple of games this week. My biggest regret is making the Dolphins only a four-star play when I was confident enough by game time to have made them my biggest wager of the season. Oh well.

Anyways, without further ado, here were my thoughts from Week 8.

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Week 7 was a subpar week for me as I went only 3-7-1 ATS with my overall selections, but I improved my recommended wagers to 16-11-1 ATS by hitting two out of my three plays. I also advised betting the Lions +7 on Monday Night Football and had a slight lean to the Bucs +5 on Thursday night, so overall things weren’t as bad as they may have seemed. I don’t like the board at all this week. I’ve flip-flopped on at least a couple of games and I’ve found myself in agreement with the public on more than half of the games.

I’m really not confident in most of my selections, but here goes nothing.

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Week 8 composite rankings

Let’s begin being wrong all over again while seeing how much others around the Interwebs have failed, because if there’s one skill I’ve mastered, it’s deflecting blame elsewhere.

Week 8 is here, so as is our custom we have lots of players ranked numerically according to their predicted level of awesomeness. We can safely assume that the guy pictured above will be rather proficient while passing the football against Jacksonville and its 24th-ranked passing defense.

But what of all the other players at all the other positions? There are charts for that. With the help of Devang Desai, the Robin to my Batman (or perhaps he prefers Poochie), we went through the weekly adventure of compiling the composite rankings from our usual group of experts while chiming in with some musings of our own. This week we used‘s Michael Fabiano and Adam Rank, and Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard from

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