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Or it might not be. But it probably will be, even though there’s still a chance it won’t be. Playoff injury reports, we’ve missed you so dearly.

The exact scare factor of the Denver Broncos’ backfield if they advance to the Super Bowl depends on the health of one Willis McGahee, the running back who’s been out since Week 11 when he tore his MCL and suffered a crack in his leg. But today as expected, good news arrived.

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Man alive has there ever been some serious Monday carnage over the past two weeks. I mean sure, every week the damage report is thick, and every week I write at least 37 posts on Monday assessing the results of the week’s major casualties while suggesting a direction for those flocking to bridges and such. Hell, I write that sentence every Monday, except sometimes the number changes because we’re all about variety around these parts.

But over the last two weeks we’ve now seen five quarterbacks go down and be replaced by their backups, in addition to the best tight end in the game possibly playing his last snap of the regular season yesterday, or at least the last snap in which he’s relevant for fantasy purposes. Now Willis McGahee is set to jump aboard our sinking ship.

McGahee suffered a knee injury during the Broncos’ win over the Chargers yesterday, and tests have confirmed that he tore his MCL, an injury that will sideline him for six-to-eight weeks. No worries bro, because that Ronnie Hillman handcuff will slide right in off your bench. Right? RIGHT?

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