The Boston Bruins made their second trade in a span of three days, acquiring forward Daniel Paille from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a third-round draft pick and a conditional fourth-round draft pick this summer.

This trade really isn’t that big of a deal for the Sabres; Paille has played all of about 20 minutes this season. He struggled for the majority of last season, but came alive down the stretch:

  • First 47 games: 4G – 9A – 13PTS
  • Last 26 games: 8G – 6A – 14PTS

Paille never got a chance to see if he could continue that strong play since he was kept out of the lineup.

From the Bruins Perspective

It’s impossible to look at the acquisition of Paille as anything other than a replacement for Chuck Kobasew, so let’s consider those two trades as one (write-up on the Kobasew trade can be found here). First off, the spare parts:

  • Boston gets: 2nd round pick, Alexander Fallstrom, Craig Weller
  • Boston gives up: 3rd round pick, conditional 4th round pick

Boston comes out clearly ahead here (Fallstrom was a 4th round pick in 2009), so the real question is how much they’ve downgraded in sending out Kobasew and bringing in Paille. With that in mind, here’s a quick comparison of the two over the last two years.

Kobasew Vs. Paille

Vital Statistics

  • Kobasew: 6’, 192lbs, 27 years old
  • Paille: 6’, 200lbs, 25 years old
  • Edge: Paille

Box-Car Numbers

  • Kobasew: 141GP – 43G – 38A – 81PTS – 85PIM
  • Paille: 150GP – 31G – 31A – 62PTS – 34PIM
  • Edge: Kobasew

Even-Strength Scoring

  • Kobasew: 28G – 30A – 58PTS, 1.88 PTS/60
  • Paille: 28G – 29A – 57PTS, 2.08 PTS/60
  • Edge: Paille

Cap Hit

  • Kobasew: $2.333MM/two years, pending UFA
  • Paille: $1.125MM/one year, pending RFA
  • Edge: Paille

Advanced Stats

  • Kobasew: 7th Qual. Comp., 7th Qual. Team, -10 Rel. Corsi/60, +41 ZoneStart
  • Paille: 10th Qual. Comp, 10th Qual. Team, -6.7 Rel. Corsi/60, -5 ZoneStart
  • Edge: Even

I know the advanced statistics are going to throw people a little bit, so I’ll explain those briefly. All of those numbers are averages from the past two years from, and each is fairly straight forward:

  • Qual. Comp.: Where each player ranked on the quality of opponent scale for forwards on his team.
  • Qual. Team: Where each player ranked on the quality of teammates scale for forwards on his team
  • Rel. Corsi/60: Each player’s Corsi rating adjusted for ice-time and team strength
  • Zone Start: Defensive zone starts minus offensive zone starts

What It All Means

Basically, it means that Bruins’ G.M. Peter Chiarelli just added a very similar, younger player while clearing cap space and improving other areas of his organization. At first glance, Kobasew looks like a far better scorer, but once ice-time and power play opportunity is considered, we can see that Paille’s actually very, very comparable – and possibly even has a slight edge. He’s half the price of Kobasew and won’t be an unrestricted free agent when his contract expires. Not only that, but a second-round draft pick is probably worth more than a third-round pick and a conditional fourth round pick, and Alexander Fallstrom’s an intriguing prospect.

It’s been a very good few days for Peter Chiarelli.