June 17th, 2009:

As for Brule wrong again. He doesn’t have to clear waivers. I have no idea why you think playing 19 games as a 19 year-old changes that. I’ve spoke with [Oilers Assistant G.M.] Rick Olczyk many times and [he's not] waiver eligible next year… I know this 100% since I spoke with Rick this week.

(The Oilers and Brule both acknowledged in training camp that Brule would need to clear waivers to be demoted).

July 1st, 2009:

Edmonton puts together a package that Ottawa finds palatable, and Bryan Murray asks Heatley to waive his NMC to go to the Oilers. Heatley says (through his agent) that he wants to “sleep on it”. At this point, we find out that neither the Oilers nor Senators have been interpreting his contract correctly — the $4 million signing bonus that Heatley is owed won’t be due until the next night. Heatley’s agent, meanwhile, knew this the entire time.

And finally, yesterday:

[Senators G.M. Bryan] Murray had previously believed the only way the team wouldn’t lose a year on Karlsson contract was if the player returned to Sweden for another year of development…

“The fact that he’s a European player, he can go to Binghamton and play and not trigger the contract,” Murray said. “We do get a slide, and that’s part of the reason, certainly, but a big part is just to let him play, become more important, hopefully be real effective on the power play and at some point make a determination if he can come back up and be a regular member here.

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  1. “Murray had previously believed the only way the team wouldn’t lose a year on Karlsson contract was if the player returned to Sweden for another year of development…”

    Jeebus… The freaking CBA is a PDF avaiable all over the intertubes, they plow over 50 millions $ in salaries and they can’t afford to read the damn thing with a lawyer by their side to make sure they get everything right?

    I mean, what are they *actually* doing of their days? Chat on the phone?

  2. Rickibear:

    A) You were in the wrong thread.
    B) There’s no reason to assume a racial motive here. Boulerice is plenty white and the league came down hard on him. Ditto McSorley. Meanwhile, not so much as a fine for, say, Jarome Iginla’s trip on Sheldon Souray (not that there should have been). I’d prefer to to avoid seeing those particular shots at Campbell unless there’s some hard data to back it up.

  3. Olivier:

    Murray was juniors player, then educated as a gym teacher. Do you think that education lends itself well to making high-level, well-thought decisions?

  4. Copper: Well, that was the “with a lawyer by their side” part. Let’s say they do it in 3 hours blocks. Can’t take them much more than 3-4 shots, no? For a document that is the frame of reference of their work for a 5 years period, well…

    It’s the absolute and complete lack of effort that gets to me. And we are supposed to go “ooooh!” when they come out and lambast the players for being lazy or selfish.


  5. The Oilers never said the Brule didn’t have to clear waivers.

    A radio broadcaster said the Oilers said that. The radio broadcaster also said there were two caps. And that the current year’s salary (rather than the average) was the important number.

    The radio broadcaster was the one who was clueless. You have no evidence that the Oilers were clueless.

  6. Godot10:

    Fair enough, and it’s all there in the link. Still, Gregor repeatedly (according to him) asked and was repeatedly given the same answer.

  7. What I find most surprising about the Oilers mistakes is that they hired Rick Olczyk specifically to make sure they understood the CBA. Olczyk graduated from Cornell – an Ivy League school – and the team still screws it up. Amazing.

  8. JW: Your claim against the Oilers is heresay. Do you like it when other people say that you’ve said something and demonstrate no proof, and then have other people repeat that about you?

  9. Godot10:

    C’mon. Heresay? Gregor isn’t going to lie about something like that, and given the kerfuffle I can’t see how he could be mistaken either – he repeated that statement multiple times.

  10. But you are attributing (extrapolating) the radio broadcaster’s confusion to suggesting the Oilers were confused.

    On multiple times, this radio broadcaster has demonstrated confusion about the CBA. He also claimed the Heatley deal was a done deal.

    The Oilers were not confused. The radio broadcaster was confused. Where is there evidence of an Oiler official saying what you claimed they said? It is just what some radio broadcaster said. Oiler officials appear on his show all the time. Why didn’t he ever get an Oiler official to say it on the air?

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