Punishment has finally been handed down for Patrice Cormier’s brutal hit on Mikael Tam just over a week ago. The QMJHL has opted to suspend the New Jersey Devils’ prospect for the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs.

This isn’t really a surprise; most hockey people (with the exception of Lou Lamoriello) seemed to think that a suspension for the rest of the season makes sense. I don’t have much else to say about the length except to say that in this case thr consensus was correct.

As for whether this suspension will keep Cormier out of hockey for the rest of the year, I don’t know. The possibility remains that he could follow the Michael Liambis route and sign in another league, and that’s sort of what I expect, particularly given that Lou Lamoriello has already said publicly he didn’t think the Tam hit should end Cormier’s season.

I don’t know if there’s a team out there willing to take him, but I expect Cormier lands somewhere before the season is out. I hope other leagues respect the suspension, but I don’t have much faith that is going to happen.

UPDATE: Although I could be wrong; the Devils have announced won’t bring Cormier into the AHL, so perhaps he will end up sitting.

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  1. The only way this is made right is if the AHL will tell him to stay away for at least one more season. He should not get to sit out and join the AHL next year

  2. In my opinion, this punshment is not enough. For all we know, Cormier could have just permanently derailed Mikael Tam’s career with that devastating hit. On the other hand, the QMJHL couldn’t really do very much else to him, since Cormier can easily advance to the AHL after this season.

    I don’t ever wish harm on anyone. However, if Cormier gets hit with a similar shot in the future, I won’t feel any sense of sympathy for him.

  3. I might be in the minority here, but these year long suspensions are a bit much. I think having youtube and so many other sources of media cloud our judgement. If I go with my first instinct…when I first saw the hit…I thought, “Man, that guys getting a long holiday. However, I didn’t think, “Geez, that’s the worst thing I’ve see this year.”

    Don’t get me wrong, a long suspension is deserved. And, I also don’t have too much complaint over the term. However, if it was game one of the season, I think 20-30 games would send the same message. I wouldn’t have complained about that term either.

    Perhaps the league felt that giving him the rest of the season and letting him play the playoffs would be like rewarding him…who knows?

    Just me.

  4. Yeah, but if it had happened at the beginning of the season, who knows what he would’ve gotten? There’s nothing that says it wouldn’t have been 40 games instead of the whole season and playoffs. At this late a stage in the season, though, the only two real choices for a hit like that are either the rest of the regular season, or the rest of the regular season + playoffs. And the latter fits the crime better and it plays better with all the attention this has gotten, because then the Q can loudly proclaim it a “suspension for the rest of the year” or even a suspension for the rest of his junior career. It’s easier for the powers that be to get really righteous about it. Not that they’re wrong to do so, certainly not in this case, but it’s true.

    Anyway, glad to hear the Devils won’t be assigning him to the AHL. The optics of that would’ve been terrible, especially after Lou’s previous comments on the hit. It still wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Cormier in the ECHL or a lower level, with the Devils arranging something behind the scenes, but at least if they do it that way and they’re smart about it they can keep their names out of it after they let things die down for a few weeks.

    Although it strikes me that if Cormier has already signed an entry level contract with the Devils, and I think he has, then maybe he can’t play at a lower level if it’s not for a NJ affiliate?

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