According to Darren Dreger, the Toronto Maple Leafs have given permission to Jamal Mayers’s agent, Pat Brisson, to speak to other teams in the hopes of creating a trade.

It’s the beginning of the end for Mayers in Toronto, whose decision (under previous G.M. Cliff Fletcher) to acquire the veteran was questionable to begin with; the last few years he has struggled like a rookie, but without even the hope of improvement. He brings a physical element to the table, but aside from the vaunted “veteran leadership” that’s pretty much it. I’d be surprised if the Leafs can engineer a trade here, and I’d be even more surprised if Mayers is still in the NHL next year.

Meanwhile, Georges Laraque, who has taken some surprisingly bad press of late, is likely bound for Sweden as per the Montreal Gazette. According to the report, the Canadiens would still pay Laraque but his salary would no longer count against the salary cap if he were loaned to the Elitserien. Laraque played in the Elitserien during the NHL lockout.

It’s an unfortunate end for both players, who both have the reputation of being character guys and neither of whom had an especially easy road to the NHL. Particularly unfortunate is the fact that when players like these leave, they’re generally not celebrated by the fans for their careers, but rather for their absence from whichever team they last played for.

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  1. I agree. Both bring a lot to their clubs that isn’t always noticed on the scoreboard. I am always impressed by how strong Mayers is with the puck, especially this year he takes it to the net with authority, but its just not going in unfortunately. Mayers would help a team looking for toughness, and he is a very good guy to have to defend players. Hopefully the Rangers or Pens get him for their games against Philly

  2. My biggest problem with Mayers this year is all of a sudden he thought he was only a “enforcer” big mistake when he actually tries to play hockey i.e defend, and forecheck and such he is at least decently able to do so, but when he starts running around like and idiot then I cant see a point to him at all… As for George I think he has more chance of finding a new team then Mayers who will have to go back to the ahl to prove his worth.

  3. i agree Rsmotors

    theres a similar problem with john mitchell he was excellent last year when he dumped and chased the puck and when he grinded and forechecked now he just circles the net with the puck like the second coming of jason blake if mitchell and mayers would accept there roles torontos forth line might be a bit more solid and useful/

  4. KH, yea hopefully toronto can trade him for another younger enforcer or forth line type because without him torontos a whole lot weaker.

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