Craig Custance of the Sporting News is reporting that not only has the agent for Jamal Mayers been given a green light to try and stir up interest in his client, but also that Garnet Exelby’s agent has been allowed to do the same.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM Brian Burke says that it isn’t about the team; Exelby just wants more playing time than he’s been getting in Toronto. Of the eight regulars on the Toronto blueline, none have been receiving less ice-time than Exelby, who was acquired from the Atlanta Thrashers over the summer.

There is one interesting coincidence to the fact that both Mayers and Exelby are likely on their way out of town. Leaving aside whatever other flaws they have in their games, both are physical players – one might even say truculent players – but more than that, both are undisciplined players. Among Leafs forwards, no player takes as many penalties (relative to ice-time) as Mayers – who astoundingly takes nearly five times as many penalties as he draws. On the back end, it’s a similar story with Exelby, who takes seven penalties for every penalty he draws.

Given the fact that both of these players would be near the bottom end of the roster on skill alone, constant trips to the penalty box are not a luxury either can afford. It’s also a luxury the Leafs, with their league-worst penalty kill (69.4%) can’t afford. Together, even with seriously limited ice-time, Mayers and Exelby have put the Leafs short-handed on 28 occasions – and with that penalty kill, that’s a number that translates into an extra nine goals against.

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  1. How can Garnet Exelby possibly think he deserves more ice time? And who exactly does he think he’s going to get it from if he can’t crack the Leafs top six? He’s a pretty marginal player to think so highly of himself.

    The title of this entry makes me smile. “Leafs open to trading Exelby. In other shocking news, Burke might consider dealing Wayne Primeau, but only if the right offer comes along. Rumours that Lee Stempniak, Ricard Wallin and Jason Blake might be available could not be substantiated at press time.” It’s like being open to moving Exelby was a really hard decision, or that he’s actually been totally unavailable until now…

  2. im not suprised this is happening but i was really excited to see XLB coming over from atlanta i knew he had some flaws to his game but he was a real force in atlanta and HAS NOT been AWEFUL in toronto he just has played sub par which isnt good enough. its sad i wish he coulda stuck around for one more year just to see if he returned to form next year because it seems dman need more time to gell. At the same time though if we can get a pick for him or even a big body forth liner who can actually play hockey it wouldnt be all bad.

  3. @ Brian P

    haha i get what your saying although id give stempniak more credit hes played quite well this year!

  4. I think Exelby should be starting more often, but he just doesnt fit in the revolving door of defenseman. He lays very punishing hits but does run around a little too much looking for them. Moving him for a prospect at the AHL level along the lines of rosehill would not be a bad thing

  5. Brian P: Breaking news – Brian Burke reveals that Vesa Toskala may not fit into the team’s plans next year!

  6. I’m sure the phone lines are off the hook!! the 12th forward and the 8th defenceman on the 28th ranked team, lots of interest for these two superstars!

  7. Toronto should cut them loose for nothing, if they get something great. But Burke should try and sign Marleau, Kariya, and Selanne, for a top line in the summer. If they can sign Ellis or Renne for a goalie. Now they might get in the post season.

  8. @JW: Nice one.

    More: “Burke implies that Mikhail Grabovski ‘may not quite be my kind of player after all’”

    “Source: Jeff Finger and Mike Komisarek’s salaries may be higher than their offensive contributions would warrant”

    “Opinion: Dealing draft picks for Kessel could cause recriminations, regrets among fans if Leafs finish low in standings”

    I got a million of ‘em. I should be a Leafs beat writer. Watch out Howard Berger, I’m coming for your job…

  9. Brian P: Howard Berger gets paid? Really? I thought he just wrote random crap from his mom’s basement.

  10. no could cause regrets, we already regret the picks for Kessel! They should have given Mr.Bowman double what their paying this boiler head to be GM!

  11. hey kessel will be way better than cam fowler will ever be!! no regret from this leaf fan

  12. mike your thinking is that Boston will draft a better player than Kessel this June.I highly doubt that, Kessel is the real deal and will prove it when there is a couple of players on the Leafs that match his regrets here, you have to give up something to get something .

  13. @JW: I always just assumed Berger was getting paid by somebody ’cause he’s always hanging around the team when they’re on the road. I hadn’t considered alternate explanations, like maybe he’s independently wealthy from a trust fund or something and just spends his time and money following the team around? Or maybe he’s actually Larry Tanenbaum’s illegitimate son and that’s why they let him hang around?

  14. I saw bring in Marleau, Kariya, and a guy like St. Louis. I have a good feeling that he will swing a deal with Anaheim for Giguere, and wouldn’t be surprised to see a kaberle for phaneuf or reghyr and nystrom deal

  15. its not just next years draft kiddies don’t forget about 2011 1st rounder

  16. kessel will be a graet player 50 goal scorer you can take cam fowler and whoever in the 2011 draft this years draft class is suppose to be one of the worst classes this decade and next year is being compared to as about the same… and we’ll swing a few deals for first rounders so no worries leaf fans eventually with kadri and didomenico this team will become a contender and will make the only hockey fan base that stretches coast to coast proud !!

  17. Didomenico? Really? You think him and Kadri will save this franchise? I am pretty sure Dido is not even playing right now and still recovering from a long-term injury.

    And Burke is a moron. “My draft day is at July 1st”… have you looked at FA list? 2011 FA suck as well. Every good team in this league is good because of their young talent. I mean really, how many young players under the age of 25 are captains and faces of their franchise?

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if Burke did that for Kessel next year because I wanted Leafs to rebuild for another year and get rid of these Stajan, Poni, Stempniak etc…

    As for Excelby… umm, you were going to get traded anyways. You didn’t need to request for a trade bud. But whatever… It’s not like you’ve done anything to ask for a trade. He’s sucked for the entire season. I haven’t seen ONE good game out of Excelby.

  18. @Bruce: I don’t know why I keep seeing Leaf fans say that this year’s draft class is supposed to be so bad. I’ve actually heard that this year’s draft is one of the best in recent memory for depth, it’s just that scouts aren’t sure if the top end guys are Crosby/Ovechkin types.

    Now next year’s draft…next year’s draft is supposed to be awful.

  19. ive been reading a bunch of scouting agencys who were talking about how bad this years draft and next years is going to be for years now the only diffrence is this year theres 3 mediocre prospects and next year there really isnt any. Most of all the articles were just talking about how it wasnt just in NA they went over to russia and they were saying the same thing.

  20. @Zain

    haha okay there bud didomenico just came back from injury hes going to be one of the most bad ass leaf centers in history and kadri is going to amass huge numbers along side kessel not to mention how stalberg bozak and hanson are going to tear up next year so go rip some other team.

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