Nick Boynton On Waivers

The Anaheim Ducks have placed defenceman Nick Boynton on waivers, in a move that caught me a little by surprise. Boynton’s no stranger to the waiver wire, but his play seemed to have improved this season, and unlike in previous years he wasn’t signed at an exorbitant rate ($1.5 million per season).

Statistically, Boynton’s been playing second-pairing competition and been getting sent out more in his own end than the offensive zone. On a defensive corps overflowing with minus players, Boynton’s been plus-1, and his underlying numbers are positive too, as his Corsi rating (essentially shots plus/minus) is the third-best among Ducks defencemen.

On a less substantive note, he also earned kudos from teammate George Parros in the Los Angeles Times last month:

But the real story as of late has been Nick Boynton. Not only did he force Ott into a second fight late in the Dallas game while sticking up for a teammate, but he took on one of the twin towers of the Minnesota Wild, Derek Boogaard. If anyone knows what it’s like to line up next to a 6-foot7 or 6-foot8 (off skates) human punching machine, then you’ll appreciate the job that Boynts did against this man. It’s not easy folks, and Nick handled his own.

Parros crafted a heavyweight belt for Boynton in acknowledgement of his efforts (for the picture, click the link above).

On the negative side, Boynton’s been a penalty magnet, leading the oft-penalized Ducks defence in minor penalties taken with 22. Still, his play as a whole this season has been good enough that I think someone makes a claim.

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  1. Philly will claim him or possibly Boston. Or atleast one would hope.

  2. Do you think the Oil will claim him? Or would that be pointless?

  3. Is there an “add to cart” button I can click? It sounds to me like he performs the role the Oil had hoped Staios was still capable of.

  4. jcbel: I doubt the Oilers claim him; they’ll just keep rolling their AHL defencemen.

  5. No point especially because he takes a lot of penalties. The Oil’s PK is horrendous, why bring in a guy who takes penalties. Besides with the flu, injuries, and basically everything else that can and has gone wrong with the Oiler’s season it’s time to flush out the veterans and rebuild not bring more in.

  6. Habs should dump paul mara, and pick him up, tough, good size, cheap and can rack up a few points here and there, he’d be a nice fit

  7. I think Vancouver should pick him up, with there decimated D-line and all, he’d make a good fit, some numbers and some grit, something the D needs back there, plus from what ive seen he has a bomb of a shot.

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