Sunday turned out be a crazy day. Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs stole the show early, acquiring Jean-Sebastien Giguere from Anaheim and Dion Phaneuf from Calgary for an assortment of players, but after moving Phaneuf the Flames weren’t finished either.

Darren Dreger broke the news that the Flames were in discussions with the New York Rangers regarding a trade that would send forwards Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust to the Big Apple in exchange for disappointing forward Chris Higgins and free agent acquisition Ales Kotalik.

However, according to both Dreger and Pierre LeBrun, the deal is now on ice and may not go through. There were conflicting reports as to why; Dreger suggested the Flames were holding the deal up, while according to Rangers Report the hold-up has to do with Kotalik’s limited no-trade clause.

As for the trade itself, Jokinen’s been a disappointment in Calgary but is probably the best player in the deal. Kotalik’s essentially a power play specialist, while Higgins would seem to be involved to make the cap dollars work.

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  1. Today’s been better then deadline day has been the last couple years!

  2. get rid of ollie! what is sutter doing all thsi for, he’s going after one of the big boys next!

  3. The Flames seem to be throwing a lot of their big guns away. It makes sense when they aren’t performing, but I am not sure if the players they are receiving back will be able to make the same impact over the course of an entire season/Playoffs

  4. This will be a really bad trade for the Flames if the deal being talked about goes thru Kotalik is by no means a Ollie I am sorry but the rangers would win this trade by a landslide and Higgins wouldnt play well under Sutter, so sorry bout your luck but this has bad trade written all over it, Olli would take off with Gaborik on his wing and vice versa. But I think it would be in Calgarys best interest to atleast play out till the dead line with Haggy and Ollie to see how they play together!

  5. Oh and thats coming from a leafs fan!

  6. kotalik at least has a specific skill set, even if he seems to lack any kind of consistency, whereas higgins just hasn’t been able to figure out how to be a hockey player

  7. Bad enough Flames make one bad trade – sending a marquee player down the road for medicer players at best , but may follow up with another trade to make them even worse off . Are they following the Oiler template to disaster ?? The “chuckles triplets ” (Sutters and Phaneuf -tongue in cheek ) are now the “chuckles twin ” . Odd how Flames and TO. can deal readily in times like these , but Oilers cannot ? Makes you wonder when/if Katz may have taken over control of hockey operations here and is preventing current staff from doing anymore dealings without his approval . Has he told them to stay with whom they made their bed with at start of season . Is Katz forming a new organization shakeup while having a cease ,decist and gag orders on present organization ? Matybe a new organization to take place at seasons end – thus no trades may come forth from Oilers organization ? Well, that would prevent anymore bad trades till end of season that present organization seems so adept at ! After all , it might be a little late to make major coaching, scouting and managerial complete shakeup during rest of schedule ? If Oilers make trades we’ll see if present staff have any control or actual power left to do so ,other than minor trades ?

  8. you guys (other commenters) must be new to the internet- look around, the consensus seems to be that the flames would re up kotalik right away as part of another deal.

  9. calgary is freeing up a lot of money… think suters a kovulchuk fan? maybe an attempt to have the money for him come this off season?

  10. Wasn’t Olli Jokinen supposed to take off with Jarome Iginla on his wing? I’m not convinced he can consistently be more than a 60-70 point guy.

  11. Clearly, Sutter is on crack. The Phaneuf trade was bad in itself, but to make a trade for Ales Kotalik (a dressing room cancer) is outrageous. If Sutter wants to trade Olli, trade him for Higgins and maybe a late pick, and don’t get suckered in to acquiring the KHL-bound Kotalik.

  12. Art Vandelay: Is there evidence to suggest Kotalik is a locker room cancer? I don’t recall hearing that before.

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