The soon to be consummated Ilya Kovalchuk trade is easily the biggest story in hockey right now.  One of the league’s premiere goal scorers, Kovalchuk is a pending free agent and is available to whichever team offers Atlanta the best deal.

Naturally, the trade rumours are flying, and just as naturally Eklund is in the middle of it.  He’s also hilarious.  Here’s what he’s suggested about Kovalchuk in the last 24 hours:

  1. The New Jersey Devils are pursuing Kovalchuk.
  2. Los Angeles is not close.
  3. With the acquisition of Jokinen, the New York Rangers became involved in the Kovalchuk derby.
  4. Los Angeles is not close.
  5. The New York Islanders were not discussing Kovalchuk with the Thrashers.
  6. Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Vancouver and the New York Rangers are all in the race.
  7. The team leading the way is not Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey or the New York Rangers.
  8. There are interested teams nobody knows about.
  9. Anaheim is in the race.
  10. Los Angeles is officially out.
  11. New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston are leading the way, with Anaheim and the New York Rangers also involved.
  12. The New York Rangers are heavily involved.
  13. A mystery team is involved – possibly Colorado or Minnesota.

In other words, in the last 24 hours Eklund has directly named 11 teams and on three occasions stated that unknown teams are involved.  Or to put it another way, if 27 of the other 29 NHL teams acquire Kovalchuk, Eklund can say he heard about it.

It’s great stuff.