Team Canada continues its medal quest tonight with a game against Slovakia, starting at 6:30 Pacific Time. Once again, we’ll be live-blogging the festivities over here, and everyone’s welcome to pop in and join the live blog:

With an off-day yesterday, we had some time to consider the Slovaks, and we’ve done so. We evaluated their roster, and it looks pretty good; there is a lot of NHL experience in this group. We also looked at their tournament statistics so far, and concluded that the one area where the Slovaks have been demonstrably superior to Canada is on special teams.

I don’t know what more there is to say. Canada has the talent to win this game; they should win this game. Slovakia, on the other hand, has both the goaltending and a unique combination of talent which gives them a legitimate shot at an upset. The winner plays for gold. The loser plays for bronze. Like every game since the opening three, there are high stakes involved here.

I’m very excited about this game. As an Oilers fan, I haven’t really cared about hockey that matters since 2006, and this has been a welcome change.

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  1. As long as we treat the next two games like we did the russian game in terms of preperation, intensity and will to win… we should be golden literally! I agreee that Slovakia is not to be taken lightly, and I tend to think our boys are viewing things the same and should come out flying! I also find it amusing that as canadians we find opposition threatening even in areas that we are and/or should be stronger. In tonights case goaltending, but I realize hot nights happen, except for a canadian goalie, which leads me to believe we are due for one! Foot on the gas for 60 and the boys win running away!

  2. If Canada plays anything like they played against the Russians, especially the first period, there’s no team in this tournament that can stop them. Looking forward to the game tonight!

    Also the Finland-USA tilt should be a nice one to watch too, what a great goaltender duel that will be!

  3. Anyone else read the piece of crap entitled olympics hockey and the casual fan ? It is a terrible piece, on what is typically a great web site… see for your self
    is that dude american Jon? Cause that is just dumb to write about, not misinformation or anything, just rubs me the wrong way big time

  4. Howedy:

    Pretty sure that Sean’s Canadian; he and I collaborated a while back on the World Junior blog.

    I can see how his subject might rub a Canadian fan the wrong way (the game’s fine, we like it, if they don’t too bad) but I still think it’s important to write about, because that’s how the NHL thinks. They’re after money, and that means the untapped American market.

    The potential for financial growth right now is through the U.S. With gate receipts being pivotal, and 24 of 30 teams sitting in the U.S., it’s easy to see that. A U.S. TV deal is also vital, but the NHL hasn’t been able to land a good one since ABC overpaid way back when.

    I don’t like it any more than you do, but I think Tomlinson’s right when he pegs it as the league’s chief concern at this point in time.

  5. i agree that he is correct… thank you for understanding frustration. if we have to be shortchanged any further for the nhl to make profit… where do we draw the line… i personally coudn’t give a sweet f all about whether the NHL makes even more money than they do currently! Im sure most loyal Canadian hockey fans share the same logic.

  6. o ya,
    jon what do you think of the Rene Bourque contract? would you be happy if oilers locked him up for that?

  7. Women’s Hockey! It’s a two team tournament . Let’s flip that two headed coin with it’s one side minted in Canada the other side in the U.S. One side silver, one side gold. World championship sure. Lets run those every year, I guess. I mean who’s paying for the team, players and coaches to be flown all over the World to play in tournaments where we know the results or have a coin flip of an idea of who will win every single time. I like those odds but without world wide competition it’s not an Olympic sport.
    I have no answers but I do have some ideas. Firstly, send coaches, players and money to Europe and Asia to motivate the girls of the World to play. Canadian national team players with dual citizenship should be encouraged to play for the other country’s team and help them start building a hockey legacy. Take one for the team. I couldn’t even watch the celebrations, after we won the gold medal match, I was a little embarrassed in the knowledge that it was a two team one game exhibition for a gold medal Maybe their should be a best of seven series when it gets down to the women’s final two teams. This way they can share the money earned in gate receipts to be used by both teams for future World travel and by the losing teams’ girl hockey development. Ya, I like that one. Best of seven Olympic final. It’s probably the only time where they could sell out a big arena for sustained tournament. This all being said. I think Canadian women hockey players rock, it’s not their fault that the rest of the World can’t keep up.

  8. The Canadian hockey fans are always going to be ignored and the market as a whole won’t change. We’re lucky that the league decided to give Ottawa a franchise but they’re probably the last one to get one unless someone can convince the board that it makes financial sense to move team A (example Phoenix/Atlanta) to place B (Quebec/Hamilton/Winnepeg). It’s just simply not going to happen. Or someone throws enough money around to convince them of more expansion.

  9. @ Glenn Lowson
    I don’t see Brazil or France or Spain sending out dual citizen soccer players to help out us… why would we invest any money in helping countries that don’t care about hockey as much as we do? They kick our asses at sports we care less about, and it all makes perfect sense

  10. @ Howedy

    True. I was just doing a little free-thinking. Perhaps the Canadians and Americans will get some competition in the next couple of hockey generations.

  11. Nope, not gonna happen…..enrollment in hockey has declined in every country involved in womens hockey since the last Olympics, except for Canada and the USA. As much as i like the fact that we get a medal every Olympic Games, womens hockey should not be an event. As long as the competative balance is so far out of whack it should not be included

  12. USA…. the bell tolls for thee!

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