Team Canada continues its medal quest tonight with a game against Slovakia, starting at 6:30 Pacific Time. Once again, we’ll be live-blogging the festivities over here, and everyone’s welcome to pop in and join the live blog:

With an off-day yesterday, we had some time to consider the Slovaks, and we’ve done so. We evaluated their roster, and it looks pretty good; there is a lot of NHL experience in this group. We also looked at their tournament statistics so far, and concluded that the one area where the Slovaks have been demonstrably superior to Canada is on special teams.

I don’t know what more there is to say. Canada has the talent to win this game; they should win this game. Slovakia, on the other hand, has both the goaltending and a unique combination of talent which gives them a legitimate shot at an upset. The winner plays for gold. The loser plays for bronze. Like every game since the opening three, there are high stakes involved here.

I’m very excited about this game. As an Oilers fan, I haven’t really cared about hockey that matters since 2006, and this has been a welcome change.