The fellow stretching in the picture above is St. Louis Blues forward Cam Janssen.  Janssen’s a well known goon with little in the way of discernible hockey skills aside from his ability to punch people in the face or hit them (either legally or otherwise).

His run this season is impressive: 38 games without so much as a single point.  He has two goals in 201 NHL games, which is an impressive mark among active forwards: since the lockout, only two fulltime forwards (Derek Boogaard and Riley Cote) have managed to score goals at an inferior rate, and only David Koci has a worse points per game total.  He’s been marginally better in the AHL (two goals in only 108 games).  He’s never been a plus player at any point in either junior or at the professional level. Here are his combined professional totals since leaving junior:

  • 309GP – 4G – 11A – 15PTS, –36 


In any case, as we come to expect from players with Janssen’s skill-set, he’s occasionally had disciplinary issues.  His latest incident was a late hit on Washington Capitals forward Matt Bradley, and it has earned him a five game suspension:



This hit follows others.  Below are two incidents that caught the league’s attention; the hit on Tomas Kaberle earned a three game suspension while the hit on Zybnek Michalek only received a fine.




I can’t argue with this suspension, because five games is a pretty stiff penalty as far as the NHL is concerned, even for an “enforcer” like Janssen.

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  1. Best: part of the video is Ovechkin standing there listening about late or Questionable hits.


  2. On some other hitting issue I chimed in that I thought a suspension was too long. I think the NHL is so inconsistent that players themselves don’t know what to expect. However, this type of late (really late) hit is easier to identify and punish. So, I agree with throwing the book at the offender. The hits to the head seem rather gray to me and I’m not sure how to accurately penalize bang-bang plays that end up in head injuries from debatably clean checks.

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