Canada Wins Gold


There isn’t too much to say after a game like that; it was tremendous hockey on both sides, and a real pleasure to watch.  Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal joins a host of other great moments in Canadian hockey, and adds to his already stellar reputation.

It’s hard not to be happy after an event like this.

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  1. Being a Leafs fan I have to say that winning feels really, really good right now. Awesome way to finish off the best hockey game I have ever seen. Never been so proud to be a Canadian!

  2. Good game. Nice to see Crosby kind of justify his existence with the winner. I had feelings of dread in the third when the US was pressing and sure enough they tied it, but full marks for the OT win. Good to see Niedermayer play by far his best game of the tournament here, and Pronger too. I guess they really do know when to step it up.

    Still waiting for Damien Cox to say something nice about Roberto Luongo. Y’know, after the Brodeur article, and his defense of it that included this: “And you know what? If he backstops Canada to a gold medal Babcock’s decision will have been the correct one. And you’ll read it here first.”

    Good choices for the best goalie, defenseman, and forward too, and for the All Star team. Just good stuff all around, honestly, I don’t think this will go down in history as the greatest hockey of all time or anything, but with the fog of time, who knows? I already remember Salt Lake City in 2002 as being just amazing, but I already don’t know if it really was or if I just remember it so fondly. Anyway, nice work by everyone, except for Damien Cox.

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