The Ottawa Senators have acquired defenceman Andy Sutton from the New York Islanders in exchange for a second round draft pick. Sutton has been a member of the Islanders since 2007-08 and has just over 500 NHL games under his belt.

Sutton isn’t a particularly special player, but he is a competent defenceman who brings some useful stuff to the table. While a quick glance at his stats this season show a guy who doesn’t have any offensive upside, Sutton isn’t bad offensively; he’s twice scored eight goals and three times topped the 20-point mark, while just last year he had 10 points in 23 games. He was a point-per-game player in college and put up surprisingly good numbers in the AHL as a young player and in 2004-05 tore up the second-tier Swiss league.

Offence isn’t Sutton’s calling card, though. He’s 6’6” tall, plays with an edge, and while he isn’t a top-tier shutdown guy he’s very capable in his own end. He’s started a lot in his own zone the last three years, and this year started getting matched against top opposition. His plus/minus for the woeful Islanders is a respectable minus-6 over 135 games, and his Corsi rates aren’t outstanding but they’re fairly good given the circumstances.

Ideally, Sutton slots in at around the number four or five slot on a decent defence corps. He’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, so this should be viewed as strictly a rental trade (like the Dominic Moore trade but unlike yesterday’s Denis Grebeshkov deal). Basically, I think the Senators acquired a good player but probably gave up more asset-wise than they really should have, while Garth Snow got good value back for a rental depth player.

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  1. I don’t quite view this trade the same way you do Jon, It’s not like trading away this pick is going to hurt them much. The Volchenkov situation is looking worse and worse so the team may decide to dump him at the end of season which means they’ll likely get a second round pick back. And that probably also means they might try to resign Sutton who will be cheap and provide a solid 3rd pairing with Carkner While allowing youngsters like Karlsson and Cowen to start taking spots higher up. While not having to be put into tougher situations like Carkner, Phillips and Sutton can handle. Again that’s only if the Sens don’t lock up Volchenkov. Or choose to dump Kuba

  2. Andy Sutton is worth a 2nd rounder now… hmm

    Wonder why they prefered Sutton to Aaron Ward, who is having a poor season, but brings that vaunted *cup experience* to a team. Ward could have been had cheaper than a 2nd I would think as well.

    I agree with you Jon, decent depth upgrade, but they overpaid….

  3. overpaid is the theme of this trade deadline so far

  4. Every team is paying 2nd picks for players so it’s no wonder why Sutton received a 2nd pick as well. What people aren’t looking at is who he is replacing and that’s Picard and Campoli. He’s a down grade offensively from both but is a major upgrade in both size and defensive skill. This is also likely a prelude to a Volchenkov trade at some point which will likely mean a 2nd round pick and a lot more coming back to the Sens. Since Murray is not the kind of guy to trade away picks without getting more back later on.

  5. I thing everyone if forgetting that it was San Jose’s 2nd Rounder that was used… Which would be in the bottom of that round regardless. Unfortunately this makes the Heatley deal look a lot worse. Heatley FOR Cheech, Milan, Sutton = disappointing.

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