The salary cap era has been a boon to those anonymous folk who write hockey rumours.  The lack of deals mean that not only is there an appetite among fans in general to find out what is happening behind the scenes, but that most moves which get made are telegraphed long in advance and it becomes easier for someone, even someone with no inside information (for example) to guess moves long before they’re made.

Take the Edmonton Oilers as a case in point.  Given the combination of their salary cap difficulties, the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is their forward corps, and some capable and expensive defencemen, it doesn’t take a genius to suspect that they were going to move someone.  When they recalled two defencemen yesterday despite the fact that there was only one vacancy on the blue line, it only elevated that suspicion.

Over on Twitter there’s a fellow who claims to work in the Oilers front office.  He decided to take advantage of the situation, and started naming trades.  Yesterday he suggested there was a Lubomir Visnovsky to Boston deal in place.  He also said the Oilers had a Sheldon Souray deal in place with New York but would likely have to take Wade Redden back.

Over the month his Twitter feed has been operating, he’s named not only those two but also Tom Gilbert, Ladislav Smid and Steve Staios.  In short: he has mentioned every single member of the Oilers’ top-six as being involved in trades, with the sole exception of Denis Grebeshkov, the guy who actually did get traded.

It’s too bad, really.  He had an 83% chance of getting it right, and he missed out.  And that’s the problem: when a guy throws so much stuff against the wall but misses the one deal that actually happens, he looks really stupid.  Luckily for him, he can fold up his fake Twitter account and start somewhere else with no lasting ramifications.