Corey Perry isn’t the most popular player in the NHL, and for good reason. He does a lot of things that are questionable in nature; he runs off his mouth and enjoys the stick-work and crashes into goaltenders. A quick YouTube search for “Corey Perry” reveals the following videos:

There’s lots of other stuff to choose from; he isn’t a popular player. I rehash all this as context for how Perry reacted to a goal by Montreal’s Andrei Markov last night:

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  1. Well Corey perry was just dumb here…..even though markov was taunting…….doesn’t grapes say “two for being an idiot.”

  2. What this video doesn’t show is Perry slashing Markov on the hands about a minute before that, in the neutral zone, which created a turnover (duh!) that nearly led to an empty-netter for Anaheim. Fortunately for the Habs (and for justice’s sake), Ryan missed on this ENG shot and the puck was recovered.
    Markov then went on to score the tying goal with 9 seconds left on the clock and proceeded to taunt Perry about it, which I think is a great idea. I’m sure the punch didn’t hurt too much after they had won the game…

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