Via Gabriel Desjardins, this might be the most fantastic story I’ve ever seen.

The chart at the end of that link is simply fantastic, and might be the most poignant demonstration I’ve seen of how hockey mad Canada is. When the number of people rushing to the bathroom during the intermission of the gold medal game is big enough to be reflected in the City of Edmonton’s water consumption charts, it’s fairly obvious that the sport matters (a lot) to the country.

I don’t actually have much else to say about this, but I did feel the need to pass it on. Also, hopefully this will put an end to all that asinine talk about how hockey is becoming irrelevant to Canadians.

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  1. Ya my gold medal game fits well in that chart… end of periods is heavy bladder time! Intermissions are time of relief!

  2. I watched the game on a slight tape delay (I was in the middle of making wings), so that instead reflects my fast-forwarding. A little through each Pierre rant, a little more through CTV’s sneaky commercials, then a whole assload during the intermission. (I finally made it back to live late in the third.)

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