As most everybody knows by now, I really don’t like the anonymous hockey blogger known as Eklund. I don’t like him for saying Ryan Smyth had been re-signed by Edmonton moments before he was dealt to Long Island. I don’t like him for defrauding the poor saps who pay money for his inside information. I don’t generally indulge in moralist rants here, (*begins moralist rant*) but I find the whole enterprise of collecting money for poorly spelled lies repugnant, and I think the MSM types (Rogers Sportsnet, Versus) who provide him with an outlet are staining their reputations and the MSM types who write for him (Tim Panaccio, Andy Strickland, Howard Berger) have sold theirs.

/end moralist rant

In any case, whatever my feelings about him personally, Eklund’s a busy guy, and I understand that it’s difficult for him to correspond with everyone who wants to ask him questions. Thus, I’ve decided to field questions for him.

Hey so what exactly was that trade between Montreal and Edmonton and could it happen in LA?Nick on Twitter.

On behalf* of Eklund: Well, I don’t want to get into too much detail on the trade, so I’ll answer your second question first: yes, the trade could happen in L.A. Unfortunately, in my NHL 2010 game there isn’t a lot of dealing done around the draft, and by the time summer roles around I’ll be able to pickup free agents. Besides, with Nikolai Khabibulin playing awesome for me I don’t really need anything from the Canadiens so I think I might just move on.

Honestly, I don’t mean to be a dick but when’s the last time there was anything to any story you brought up? Serious question.Chuck Jones.

On behalf* of Eklund: I predict I’m going to take a bite of my delicious grilled cheese sandwich after I dip it in ketchup. (Dips sandwich in ketchup, takes a bite). BOOM! How do you like that, Chuck? And as for hockey-related stories, I’ll have you know that I often re-tweet things Kevin Allen writes, without including his name. So, yeah, I’m right a lot.

So you said there was a Flyers trade last week…do you just randomly tweet BS to get ratings?Hot Sports Plays.

On behalf* of Eklund: Let me consult my magic eight ball… it says “Outlook not so good.”

Please tell me the Devils are thinking about replacing Lemaire.. even if not.. Lie to me lol.Scotty K.

On behalf* of Eklund: The devils are looking at new coach… could be burns or rogers (e1).

That’s all the time I have for today, but it makes me glad* to know that I’ve helped Eklund out in some small way.

* Footnote: Not really.