A good debate on the NHL’s biggest hot-button issue: headshots. I’m not in agreement on all points, and I don’t like how dismissive Wyshynski is of a total ban on headshots. When a guy like Rene Fasel comes out in support of such a rule, it needs discussion, and watching the evolution of the game and society I have difficulty believing that this isn’t a rule which is going to come up again and again over the coming years.

Given what I wrote yesterday, it probably surprises nobody that I’m in Wyshynski’s corner on the Matt Cooke non-suspension; there are only so many guys he can concuss before we have the liberty to assume he’s trying to do it.

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  1. How long before the political and justice system step in and supercede NHL in their decisions ? They will eradicate both – it’s only a matter of when/ time , seeing as league is offering only a delayed and ineffective way to deal with these things . More obligatory rhetoric and band -aid solutions are being made to their problems ! The NHL could have avoided intervention that seems almost sure to come if only they had adopted a policy like they had with careless use of sticks . You are responsible whether accidental or not , just like high sticking penalties are . Dangerous plays and head shots are parcel to that same resolve , why the NHL refuses to not impliment that type of logic is unfathomable considering what they did to try and rid the high sticking problem ? Will it change the integrity and nature of game for the worse ? No more so than trying to rid it of high sticking did !

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