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  1. I think that Ovechkin has removed himself from Hart consideration with his suspensions. Even getting a one-game suspension for a dirty play means you are not the most valuable player in the league.

    My vote would go for Henrik or Crosby. Henrik has had a just unreal year. When Daniel was hurt and the team needed wins to build a point buffer for the super road trip Henrik played the best hockey of his life. He hasn’t slowed down all season and whenever the ‘Nucks were behind in a game he was able to elevate his play, and the play of his linemates, to pull out a win. Crosby is going to score 50 goals this year (probably). This is a player that could see he didn’t have the linemates needed to finish off his plays so Crosby took it on himself to make sure pucks ended up in the net. I just think that is a special ability that few players in the league have (though Henrik did a similar thing when Daniel was hurt). Of course having a curve on his stick this year certainly helped Crosby.

    Miller and Bryz certainly deserve some consideration, I would put Bryz ahead just because of the increase in team points from last season. Goalies have their own award though and I just think it takes something truly outstanding for a goalie to get the Hart.

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