What follows is an excerpt from Gare Joyce’s book Future Greats and Heartbreaks featuring a brief profile on Rick Dudley, then an executive with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Joyce had spent some time profiling draft prospect Akim Aliu for the Blue Jackets, and Dudley has just told Joyce that he likes what he sees in Aliu.

I could see that he would.  Dudley spends more time in the gym than any NHL executive, and probably more than a lot of NHL players.  His arms are as big as Lou Ferrigno’s.  Dudley was a hard-rock heart-and-soul forward in his day with the Buffalo Sabres, and an even better lacrosse player.  He looks for athletes and athleticism – he’d be anti-Moneyball.  Some scouts almost hold pure athleticism against a player – reasoning that what they do matters more than what they might become – in fact, to the complete exclusion of their athleticism.  It’s the divide between potential and performance.  That’s not to say Dudley doesn’t care how Aliu plays, but it’s Aliu’s athleticism that intrigues him.


I caught an interview with Dudley on NHL Home Ice the other day, and it fit very well with the passage above.  Dudley highlighted the need to get players to their “optimal performance” level, and spoke highly of prospect Patrice Cormier, a player who in some ways fits the same profile as Aliu.