My opening night playoff predictions got off to a great start, as every team I picked to win their series lost in game one.


The only Canadian team in action were the Senators, a game I managed to sneak in most of.  I wasn’t crazy about a lot of things; it was sort of a sloppy, tentative game in a lot of ways, on the part of the skaters, the goalies, and the officials.  The Penguins scored early in the third to make a game of it, Ottawa replied, and then the Pens scored late in the third to make a game of it again.


It was a game where the Pens stars outshone the Senators, but the Senators role-players made the difference, and Brian Elliott wasn’t quite as weak in net as Marc-Andre Fleury.


Elsewhere, Brian Boucher made 23 saves as the Flyers slipped by the Devils 2-1, Colorado stunned San Jose by the same score, and Phoenix beat Detroit 3-2, making all four games tight ones, which is fitting given that this is the playoffs.


The most important thing for fans of the losing teams (San Jose, and um, San Jose) is that this is just one game, and these are all best of seven matchups.  In other words, it’s not time to panic (somewhere, Woody’s saying “What are you talking about this is the perfect time to panic!”).


I’ll leave you with Steve Kouleas’ take on the first night of action: