WASHINGTON - MARCH 28:  Jarome Iginla #12 of the Calgary Flames rests during a break in the game against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center on March 28, 2010 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

One of the central questions to this offseason for the Calgary Flames is what exactly they do with team captain Jarome Iginla.  At one time, it would have been completely inconceivable for the team to trade Iginla.  He’s played more than 1000 games for the team he broke into the league with in 1996, won a slew of individual awards and been the face of the franchise for the last decade.


But a lack of playoff success for the Flames coupled with a subpar season for Iginla has made it conceivable that he might be dealt.  When he was asked about what he would do if the Flames wanted to move him (Iginla has a no-move clause on his contract), Iginla was surprisingly candid:


“I would, definitely.  We (he and wife Kara) would talk about it. If they don’t want me here, if they wanted to move in a different direction, to rebuild or believed they could do better or . . . whatever.  I’d look at it. Absolutely. You want to play where you’re wanted and people believe in you.”


Iginla added that he wants to stay in Calgary, and that he believes that the Flames can contend in the near future and that he’s committed to winning with them.


I’ll admit that I don’t see how it would serve the Flames to trade Iginla, at least from an on-ice perspective.  Iginla’s not old; he’s only 32 now and will be 33 by the time the 2010-11 season rolls around.  There’s been no serious injury knocking down what we should expect from him going forward; he hasn’t missed a game in three years.  They’re a team that needs a more effective forward corps; he’s their most effective forward.


Plus, this has happened before.  After a breakthrough 2001-02 where Iginla won the Lester B. Pearson Trophy as the player’s pick for league MVP, and led the league in points (96) and goals (52), Iginla put together three seasons where he recorded between 67 and 73 points.  He still scored 30 goals in this, an off-year.  His 69 points fits nicely into the same range as his post-MVP lull.


I suppose what I’m saying is that there’s enough history here to believe Iginla will rebound, and neither age nor injury give us significant cause to believe that he won’t.  His cap hit isn’t a significant problem (after all, he’s worth more than two Matt Stajans) and Calgary could use a player exactly like a revitalized Iginla.


I know I wouldn’t take him up on his willingness to move if I were running the Flames.

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  1. You never know what D Sutter will do. As you said it makes no sense to trade Iginla, which almost makes it a likely move for Al Davis umm oops i mean Daryl Sutter.

  2. Watch the freakin’ Rangers go after him and then he pulls a Drury…

  3. I think there is a strong chance Iggy goes to the Bruins for their first rounder and possibly a guy like Bitz that seems like a move Sutter would do judging by his past crazyness. Boston would likey e smart to try that deal after all I think with couple more scorers and a leader like Iggy they could be a force next year.

  4. Sutter should be looking at a former Flame to be a fit for his team in Martin St. Louis. Tampa will not get what they want in exchange for him now that he has made it known he wants out and Sutter has an abundance of players who would excel in the Anemic Division (Kotalik, Stajan, Hagman, etc).

  5. Rsmotors, there is just no way Boston makes that trade. They are already close to the cap and simply can’t afford Iginla’s $7 mil contract.

  6. Howdey: D. Sutter Al Davis Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dion Phanuef was Second worst GA dman in the league last year.
    2. Performing like that start of this year.

    I hear all this T.O. media dumb ass “he is not a 1st line Player”. Hmmm 30 teams in the league. If you are top 30 in the league you are 1st line.

    Phanuef top 40 points well almost 1st line traded for:
    Hagman 20th in Goal scoring for LW (1st line LW)
    Stajan 29 th points for C and 25th in Assists for C. (1st line Set-up center)
    Ian White 28th in points for Dmen. (1st pairing offensive Dman.

    Phanuef for 3/5 of a first line. Yeah brutal! Bahahahahahahaha! You listen to Piere Mcguire to much!!!!!!!

    Now they lost a a point shot for the PP. when Phanuef left. Bouwmeister and Giordano are not the solution.
    But Ales Kotalik plays a Point on the PP. +
    07/08 12 PPG from point Rank #1
    08/09 9PPG from point Rank #8

    All numbers all facts!

    Next year:

    Bourque (#12LW G) Stajan (#25C A) Iginla (#5RW G)
    Hagman (#20LW G) Backlund C Dawes( #54 RW G)
    Glencross (#50LW) Langkow (#61 C PT) Kotalik(Avg #40 RW G)

    White(#30 D PT) Bouwemeister
    Reghr Giordano(#47 D PT)

    Oh and Record before trades nad after:
    15 Games before
    4w 8L 3OL
    games until being eliminated

    D Sutter is looking worse every second!!!!!

  7. after all, he’s worth more than two Matt Stajans…

    Right, but is he worth 2 Bourques? Right now maybe (although I doubt it). How about when he’s 35?

  8. Wow….where are all the stupid leaf fans with their crazy Toronto-Flames trade proposals?

  9. Age could be a big deciding factor. The only way the Flames do this is if they truly believe Iginla is past his prime and they want to get to most value for him which would be right now. And they believe that these next few years are only going to lower his trade value more and more. That’s the only way trading Iginla makes sense for the Flames right now.

  10. Oilerbear: Is english your first language? Because your comments appear to have been butchered by a google translator app.

    It’s hard to trade the face of your franchise, but as the saying goes “If Gretzky can be traded…”

    He’s lost a step, his performance at the Vancouver Olympics showed me that much, but he’s still got enough talent to be a complimentary 1st liner for the Flames. What they need is someone he can defer some of the offense too. I’d relate his abilities right now to a grittier version of Dustin Penner. Only next year Penner will have Ales Hemsky to lean on. Jarome Iginla’s at the point in his career where he needs a Hemsky.

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