It’s the playoffs, so every game is key, but last night’s games were particularly pivotal for a pair of Canadian teams: Montreal and Vancouver.


With reaction to the Canadiens’ devastating loss and the Canucks win which evened their series with Los Angeles is The Score’s Steve Kouleas:



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  1. I dont know if you are already working on it but do you have a something coming up for the leafs signing jussi rynnas? Just interested on your take on it aswell as thoughts on Reimer’s season for the Marlies and how the Leafs over all goalie prospects look now.

  2. It was clear from game to that the Habs missed their chance to actually win this series not to mention they woke up the sleeping giant named Ovechkin and he’s been on fire ever since. Habs are done they simply have no answer for the Caps at this point. As for the Canucks and Kings it is turning out to be the most exciting series of the first round. And will probably go 7 games. Also both teams are now probably scared to score first as whomever has, has lost the each game so far.

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