Last summer the Toronto Maple Leafs used their considerable clout and highly renowned goaltending coach to land a big, athletic, European goaltender who had never been drafted.  This summer they’ve done it again, adding Jussi Rynnas to the fold to play behind Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Jonas Gustavsson.  I’ll admit I’m surprised at the outcome; I don’t see Rynnas getting an immediate NHL opportunity with the Leafs and I thought he might have better luck with a different organization.


However this works out for Rynnas, his addition gives the Maple Leafs some impressive depth in net.  Giguere’s a known quantity who played very well for the Leafs after joining the team and has shown in the past that he can be an elite-level goaltender.  Gustavsson had a middling debut in the NHL, but his work in Sweden is good enough that there’s still a strong possibility of improvement into a capable NHL goaltender.  That leaves Rynnas, who was the best goaltender in Finland last season, competing with draft pick James Reimer for AHL playing time.  Reimer was the Marlies’ best goaltender this past season (0.925 SV%) and played well over the course of his junior career; he’s a legitimate prospect.


Rynnas had a 0.929 save percentage last season in Finland after a less than spectacular career; it’s fair to ask if this was a one-off or a breakthrough season.  Given the amount of depth they have in the system, he’s a safe bet for Toronto.  Rynnas has signed an entry-level deal, although at this point there’s some confusion on whether it’s a two- or three-year deal, with several North American reporters saying three years, but the CBA seeming to indicate two years.

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  1. If I am to understand the way this all breaks down for the Leafs is next season Gustavsson and Giggy battle it out next year for #1 status with the onus being on Giggy to prove he can still be a number one and carry the load. (I guess Gustavsson does aswell but contract time is on his side). Reimer and Rynnas to battle it out on the Marlies, and the season after that one of the two making it to back-up Gustavsson. And by the way you report this it sounds more likely to be Reimer. I guess time will only tell but I am hoping that one of the 3 young guys will step up and give the leafs the netminding we havent had since Cujo the first time around. Potvin was the last good goalie the Leafs brought thru the system so lets hope one of these guys can do it to.

  2. should be interesting

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