The Calder Trophy Race


I’m a little surprised to find myself agreeing with every single thing Steve Kouleas has to say about the Calder Trophy race this year.  Matt Duchene had a good season, but offensively wasn’t brilliant enough to get the award despite the fact that he’s almost certain to be a very special player for the rest of his career.  Jimmy Howard had an excellent season but given his age and the fact he’s such a late bloomer, he won’t win, and it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t go on to have the best career of rookie goaltenders this season.


That leaves Tyler Myers, who put up remarkable offensive totals and played in all situations for Buffalo, a remarkable achievement for a player his age.  He deserves the win.

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  1. Plus – and I know it’s completely wrong to be saying this – after Doughty got robbed last year, I think voters have come around to realise just how good he was. Myers is almost as good – not as good at leading the rush, not as good a PPQB – and will win it as a result.

    (Myers had a better year than Doughty’s rookie season, but only because the Kings were godawful last year. Doughty would’ve looked better with Ryan Miller behind him.)

  2. To me it should have been Rask…

  3. You should change the picture of Kouleas…he looks like Hitler with his hand lie that

  4. @Truegooner
    LMFAO so tru… didnt notice that til i read ur comment

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