For the second game in a row, Jaroslav Halak stood on his head and the Montreal Canadiens avoided elimination, forcing a seventh game in their first round series against the Capitals.


Washington had more shots in the third period than Montreal did in the entire game, but it didn’t matter.  Halak’s made 90 saves, allowing only two goals, over the last couple of games.  He’s made 13 saves on Alexander Ovechkin alone in that time period.


It’s an incredible state of affairs, one that can’t continue in the long-term, but it doesn’t have to.  The Canadiens now have three wins in the series, and just one more will do the trick.

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  1. If the Habs go on an upset the Caps, after everyone and their mothers picked the Caps for a sweep, I really don’t mind if they crumble against the Pens in the 2nd round. That would totally make this crap season worthwhile.

  2. Kouleas, Throw your hands in the air, wave’em around like you just don’t care…

    There’s really no need to use your hands so much in this videos.

    You know what, next time, you should do the pantomime video and people will try and guess what you are trying to say. I bet they would do just fine considering your “pantomime” skills.

  3. James: It’ll be a heck of a shocker if it happens. This shouldn’t even have been a close series on paper, but it’s been a very, very nice run for Montreal.

  4. JW: very nice run indeed!

    Apart from Halak though, watching the games I don’t get the feeling Washington is THAT dominant. Sure, when they gain the blueline they’re a sight to watch (especially when Backstrom has the puck).
    But in their zone? They look confused and their breakout well organized. They’ve also been getting average goaltending, which IMO needs to get better for them if they expect to make it past the 2nd round (assuming they do win tomorrow).

  5. *should read: their breakout ISN’T well organized

  6. James, they probably look disorganized in their own end because they haven’t spent that much time there and it’s foreign territory.

  7. dawgbone- good call – I’ll freely admit that they Habs have not been able to sustain continuous pressure in the Caps zone at any point in this series but, let’s be serious, if you’re having trouble handling a speedy forward corps that averages 5’10 and 180 pounds, you’re gonna be in trouble against a team like Philly or Boston. Seriously.

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