Leafs Sign Ben Scrivens


If there’s one particular hallmark of Brian Burke’s general managing the last few years that sets him apart from the crowd, it is his ability to recruit undrafted free agents.  In Toronto, he’s been particularly successful in recruiting goaltenders.


Last season, the Leafs scooped up Jonas Gustavsson, who had a decent North American debut after a spectacular season in Europe.  This year, the Leafs already signed the premiere undrafted goalie prospect on the market when they signed Jussi Rynnas.  During their pursuit of Rynnas, it was suggested that should they fail to sign him, Cornell goaltender Ben Scrivens might be an appropriate consolation prize.


Today, the Leafs also added Scrivens to what looks like a stacked group of goaltending prospects. 


Since seizing the starting job at Cornell three seasons ago, Scrivens has been one of the best goaltenders in college hockey.  The 6’2” Albertan has been consistently good in the starting role, as the numbers show:


  • 2007-08: 35GP, 19-12-3, 2.02 GAA, 0.930 SV%
  • 2008-09: 36GP, 22-10-4, 1.81 GAA, 0.931 SV%
  • 2009-10: 34GP, 21-9-4, 1.87 GAA, 0.934 SV%


This leaves the Leafs with the delightful problem of having three quality goaltenders outside of the NHL, and it probably means that a guy who may be a future NHL goaltender is going to start the year in the ECHL.  Scrivens was the best goaltender in ECAC hockey last season, Rynnas was the best goaltender in Finland last season, and they’ll join James Reimer, who outplayed veteran options Joey MacDonald and Adam Munro to take the starting job late last year with the Marlies.  The 22 year-old posted a 0.925 SV%.

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  1. Its a really good problem to have thats for sure. I always wonder if its good thing to have 3 all around the same age though, main point being how do you get them all enough playing time to develop? At the end of the day the best way to develop is to play and if there are chances of any of these 3 to become nhl starters one then they also have to play lots. 50+ games are year unless Burke is looking for a 1a, 1b setup which fits with how the ducks where having Hiller and Giggy plus Brsygalov. It still makes you wonder though if Burke is thinking about moving Giggy to a team that needs and upgrade, I know it would be better to have him around for Gustavsson but having as many goalies as the leafs do it makes you wonder. Kaberle is on the block (hoping he can some how fecth us Bobby Ryan) and I really thing Grabo is to. I think Burke is going to go after Armstrong and Burish hard this summer and I wouldnt be suprised if he went after Konopka. I think Konopka, Orr and Burish would make one heck of a 4th line.

  2. It’s obvious what Burke is doing. When you don’t have top draft picks, you go after undrafted goalies hoping one or two becomes an NHLer and thereby becoming a trading tool (including trading for drafts which they lost).

  3. Another smart move by Burke. With goalies, you only need one to pan out and you’re ready to go, and the Leafs have the financial ability to take the hit on a couple of busts if they never make it.

  4. this is why burke is such a good GM for toronto hes dedicated to making this team better but in recent years the marlies attendance has been aweful and thats mainly because there teams sucked but not only does burke satisfy fans with the teams he builds hes satisfys management by building a great farm team which is only going to increase profits next year. Im incredibly excited for the leafs next year and for the first time ever im excited to watch an AHL team take the ice in the toronto marlies. The marlies are going to have solid goaltending with 3 great prospects and have some really exciting forwards in chris didomenico, dale mitchel, stefanovich, and some of the college kids as well in the future such as d’amigo, russeggar, hayes. most promising this team has looked in 30 years.

  5. The Marlies are going to be awesome to watch next year thats for sure, I didnt get to make it to a game this year which is the first time since them came to T.O that I missed the entire season I am hoping to make it out to quite a few of the games as next years roster is looking quite promising!

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