Hawks/Canucks Postgame

Ugly, ugly game in a lot of ways, especially for the Canucks.


It’s hard to disagree with the idea that right now, the Blackhawks are the team to beat, but it won’t do for them to look past Vancouver just yet, either.  It’s going to be very difficult for the Canucks to come back from this sort of deficit (particularly if Luongo continues to play like he did last night) but they do have a good team and the Blackhawks can’t afford to get complacent.


None of these second round series have been anywhere near as close as I thought they would be.

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  1. I think this has been one of the best post seasons in a long time. Nothing is going the way its suppose too. As for the canucks i hope they lose im terribly biased though because if the canucks lose Im hoping toronto can pry hodgeson and a 1st round draft pick away for kaberle. All in all though wonderful post season there hasnt been any series that wasnt entertaining.

  2. It’s shocking to see things happen this way. To have two players have hat tricks in back to back games is nearly impossible even in the regular season. As for the Canucks you have to wonder with Vigneault is safe. He’s had quite a few seasons to get this team over the hump but it’s obvious that Chicago and their coaching staff has the Canucks coaching staff defensive plan all figured out. So most of the blame falls on the defense and Vigneault although Luongo has not been solid either. Even if the Canucks don’t lose they obviously need some defensive help. Hamhuis will likely be a main target and they’ll need to add some depth.

  3. Hodgsons back scares me Bruce, I think we (Brian Burke) should be looking to Florida and Nathan Horton.Hearing rumors that Florida is going to clean house ,Kaberle may like that as well reuniting him with his buddy Mc Cabe.

  4. Funny enough, the PIT-MTL series is the only one that’s “close” (in the sense it’s the only 2-2 series after four), and it’s the biggest paper mismatch of the lot. These playoffs have been wildly entertaining but pretty damned screwy all at once. I mean, hell, Nashville was 15 seconds from winning Game 5, and possibly the series, against Chicago!

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