France may have eliminated Kazakhstan from the 2010 World Hockey Championship on Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn’t without suffering a bit of hurt themselves.  French forward Yorick Treille slid feet-first into the boards, appearing to twist his ankle very awkwardly.

The injury occurred just over four minutes into the contest, which France won by a score of 5-3 to finish the regulation round in 14th place. Treille, according to reports, was taken to a nearby hospital after being taken off the ice on a stretcher. Treille was drafted 195th overall in 1999 by the Chicago Blackhawks, but has never played in the NHL.

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  1. Growing up as a player, I was always taught to never go into the boards leading with my feet or head. Some times you get into a bad situation where your heading into the end boards with some steam and the instinctual thing to do is get your legs in front of you… as the above video shows, this is what can happen. Instead, a player should always try and go into the boards sideways, taking the impact with the hips and side of the shoulders with your arm down. If you watch the video, youll see he could have been fine had he not tried to use his legs to stop the impact.

  2. @Connor Unfortunately for Treille, he lost his balance and was obstructed by a stick between his legs. It looked like he would have had room to brace himself, but his ability to maneuver his body was gone before he even hit the ice.

  3. Hey Scott,

    I agree that it is a helpless situation but you can see that he was going into the boards the right way to begin with… had just stayed the course, he would have rammed into the boards with the entire side of his body. Instead, he sticks out his one leg as if to try and stop the momentum on the way in… Regardless, I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully it looked worse than it actually is.

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