A official press release confirmed weeks of rumours regarding the potential partnership between Electronic Arts and the Canadian Hockey League.  A Friday afternoon ‘statement’ confirming the inclusion of both CHL teams, and players in Electronic Arts’ upcoming NHL 11 ignited a Twitter explosion.  Anticipation for the game has been building around the puck blogosphere and gaming sites after an official image emerged on Thursday. There is not currently a release date for NHL 11, but E.A. has traditionally had the games come out about a month before the regular season begins.

Although I’m sure that developers have been anticipating the addition of Junior hockey players and their teams, judging by this list of features they’ll have some design work ahead of them:

“The licensing agreement between EA SPORTS and the CHL allows the following to be included in NHL 11:

– Ability to play with all 60 teams that make up the CHL

– Names and Likenesses of players that are on the rosters of a CHL team

– Mastercard Memorial Cup

– CHL new RBK Edge Jersey design in NHL 11

– WHL, OHL and QMJHL logos and league structures

The CHL integration in NHL 11 will tie to several modes in the game, including Be A Pro, Be A GM, Tournament Mode, Season Mode and Playoff Mode.”


As someone that enjoys a good NHL video game (Xbox 360 FTW!), I can tell you that I’m drunk with adolescent adoration to get my game-on with some rugged WHL boys.

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  1. This is awesome. I’ve been waiting for this since they started including all the European teams/leagues.

    Tigers for the win

  2. Should make the game more interesting I doubt many people found a whole lot of use for the European teams in North America. I’m surprised there not branching out and looking at adding the KHL to it’s game in the other markets.

  3. I’m most excited about the ability to draft real Junior players. In previous games I had little interest in participating in the “draft” during a dynasty, no fun in selecting phonies.

  4. I’m wondering how the player ratings will work. Usually AHL players have an overall in the 70s. Will junior players be below that level, in the 60s maybe? And I guess maybe they will have higher “potential” ratings than NHL players?

    This is going to be awesome, especially for Be a Pro and Be a GM.

  5. Will NHL 11 be aviable on pc dvd for computer. I was dissapointed that NHL 10 was only on xbox, wii etc since the game looked pretty sweet after success of NHL 09. Adding the CHL is awsome, will they add the KHL or just on the shelf for this addition?

  6. This is the best thing I’ve heard yet. I have been back into the NHL series again since they introduced the new controls in 09. And I am completely addicted to Be A GM mode, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a game as much as I’m looking forward to NHL 11.

  7. before they bring in the KHL rights people in russia will need electricity to power their knock off x-boxes(called the y-box) at least kids that never will make the pros will get to play as them selves. this will get a lot off 16 year old CHL players layed for sure. EA sports is amazing.

  8. [...] is preparing to throw its hat into the video game arena.  This news comes on the heels of the CHL and EA Sports’ formally announcing an agreement leading to the inclusion of both CHL teams and players in the video game developer’s upcoming [...]

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