It’s been a banner year for Norwegian forward Patrick Thoresen.

The former NHL’er was one of the best players in the KHL this season, scoring 24 goals and topping the point per game mark with 57 in 56 games.  He represented his country at the Olympics, recording five assists in four contests, and he also played for them at the World Championships, where he put up six points in six games. 

Back in February, I suggested that Thoresen probably deserved another NHL contract for next season, and now it seems like that is his primary goal.  In an article that ran yesterday on a Norwegian site, Thoresen made it plain that he wishes to play in the NHL next season.  After acknowledging that he would be taking a significant pay cut from what he earned last season in Russia, Thoresen explained why that didn’t matter:

“I know I can score 20-25 goals in the NHL. If so, I’m going to earn the lost money and play in the NHL for many years. I have faith in myself and know what kind of potential I have.”

The one sticking point is that Thoresen wants a one way contract, a deal that will pay him the same amount in the NHL or the AHL.  Thoresen expects to know one way or the other whether the Philadelphia Flyers (the team that owns his NHL rights) are willing to commit to that kind of deal.

Thoresen also stressed how difficult it was to bounce back and forth between the minors and the NHL, but says that a season adjusting to playing in Russia – both on and off the ice – has better prepared him for an NHL encore.

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  1. I don’t see the Flyers having much need for him. Although he could work as Crosby’s reclamation project this year.

  2. Another somewhat undersized generic European forward, albeit one who works a lot harder than most.

    There are certainly worse players than Thoresen currently employed in the NHL. Depending upon the cap hit, Thoresen could definitely help out with many teams’ bottom 4 to 6 forwards requirements.

  3. Rangers could use him

  4. That’s a player that the Oilers sure could use, especially on a cheap deal.

  5. he,s a fourth liner,philly has many to fill that spot,ive watched him a lot,and touch he doesnt have.work ethic yes.

  6. was he not once an oiler? and did he not have a testical removed due to it being collapsed during a game?

  7. ya jenna that is him.

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