How likely is an NHL team to come back from a 2-0 deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals?


That’s the daunting task now facing the Philadelphia Flyers, who have dropped a pair of one-goal games to their opponents from Chicago.  The Flyers are used to long odds, of course; they were down 3-0 to the Bruins not that long ago and things turned out just fine, but once again history is not on their side.


Since the NHL moved to four rounds of playoff hockey, one team has been down two games to none on 20 different occasions.  Here are the results for that team:


  • Loss in Four Games: 9/20 (45.0%)
  • Loss in Five Games: 4/20 (20.0%)
  • Loss in Six Games: 3/20 (15.0%)
  • Loss in Seven Games: 3/20 (15.0%)
  • Win in Seven Games: 1/20 (5.0%)


It isn’t a list that bodes well for the Flyers, who were regarded as heavy underdogs entering the series and whose chances of winning are even worse now, but one thing is in their favour: the only team on that list to win was Pittsburgh – and they did it last season.

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  1. Either of first two games could have gone Flyers way . Maybe they will in next two games ? The again , the Hawks got two wins and are not playing their best hockey as yet . It could end up a sweep if Hawks hit their stride on the road .

  2. Well, the positive news is that the trend is toward the team being down 2-0 winning….

  3. Both games could have gone either way really. While the Hawks have been even better on the road then at home the Flyers are just as could. But it could go either way Flyers could have this series tied or it could be pretty much over the Flyers will at least win one at home. But for the Hawks you have to be concerned with Toews, and Kane so far not producing. For the Flyers they may need to break up their top line of Richard, Carter and Gagn and try them out on different lines to get something going. The defense did their job but those guys need to pick up the slack so the Flyers get back in it or the Hawks put them down as quickly as possible.

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