I might be late on this one, but I caught this video on Stock Market TV and made me think about why Twitter is so popular with athletes in the other major North American sports and not so popular among NHL players. That’s an issue that requires more thought than I have time right now, so I don’t really want to get it all the way into it.  I’m presumptuous enough, though, to guess that an absence of post-secondary education with the majority of hockey players would play some role in it. Geography, intense training schedules, no desire, yada. A whole bunch of reasons why. Anyway, it’s something to think about given that the strong social media presence of the NHL and hockey in general. Seriously, Dan Ellis gets mentioned on Hockey Night In Canada just for saying some relevant shit. Remember Martin Havlat/Allan Walsh’s Twitter-trouncing of the Chicago Blackhawks? Hmm, maybe that’s got something to do with it…

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  1. “I’m presumptuous enough, though, to guess that an absence of post-secondary education with the majority of hockey players would play some role in it.”

    That wouldn’t square it with baseball, though, which has roughly the same number of high school players as the NHL now that the NCAA’s more of a legitimate avenue.

  2. Twitter is a good way to deliver the stupid? Seriously, the way media relations are handled by NHL clubs this shouldn’t come as a surprise as platitudes don’t go over well on twitter. Also, it seems like a lot of players like privacy, so having to use your limited spare time to tweet platitudes when you’d rather skype your kids or wife while on the road, catch an hour more sleep or whatever it’s unsurprising, it’s not like they don’t have enough mandatory media engagements. If anything, the use of twitter in the other sports would be a sign of the need for self promotion as opposed team promotion.

    Btw. I’m presumptuous enough to equate twitter with insufficient ability to edit yourself and/or an inability to keep one’s fingers off the keyboard until you have something meaningful to say. That being said I’m sure there is useful shit going on on twitter, but I don’t have time to trawl through the shit to find a nugget of gold (Photos from the ISS) nor am I willing to spend that time, because I’d rather read a book, catch an extra bit of sleep or do something useful.

    Unsurprisingly, I see two camps here: Those who like and use twitter think it’s great and wonder why the NHL players aren’t using it more, and those who find it to be less than essential in their daily media consumption see it a bit differently. Sunk costs and the need to rationalize one’s own positions and decisions.. Great.

  3. It’s because NHL hockey players are beauties and twittering is for (deleted). They don’t need to update the world on whatever they are doing because that’s what loser attention-seeking people do, not well raised good modest young lads we call NHL’ers. They are playing video games together, out wheeling broads and just being general beauties….no time to tell everyone all about it

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