Unhappy In Colorado?

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 11:  T.J. Hensick #7 of the Colorado Avalanche shoots the puck during a game against the Chicago Blackhawks on November 11, 2009 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, reports in the Swedish media suggested that Colorado Avalanche prospect T.J. Hensick might not be willing to sit in their AHL system indefinitely, and might be interested in playing in the Swedish Elite League.


Hensick was an NHL regular in 2008-09 for the Avalanche, putting up 21 points in 61 games for the team.  This season saw him relegated to the AHL, where he spent the majority of the season, leading Lake Erie in scoring with 70 points in 58 games.  Despite that strong performance, he was frequently passed over for recall, as the Avalanche deemed other players as more suitable to their NHL needs.


Henssick is a restricted free agent this summer.

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  1. Send him to the Leafers for Mitchell.

  2. Great idea but the Av’s don’t need more forwards. They do however, need a puck moving defenseman…

  3. I dont really know much about him but those look like pretty dece ahl stats

  4. Hensick has had his chances in Colorado, but never really took advantage of his chances. He has good numbers in the AHL, but his game never really translated to the NHL. There were flashes of what he could be, but not much more.
    This season he was waiver eligible, which was probably the reason that he was never called up.

  5. Hensick was never given a real opportunity in Colorado, and I hope the Avs don’t qualify him so he can explore his options. He’s far too talented to waste away in the minors for a team that refuses to give him a shot. If he spends a season in the SEL, he’ll be a hot commodity with NHL teams a year from now. The Avs will kick themselves for screwing him over.

  6. Hensick had 61 real opportunities in 2008-09 and 31 in 2007-08, and he hasn’t shown he can score consistently at the NHL level, or that he can play defense. He’s sort of like Tyler Arnason in that you’re not sure if he’s all there during games. All the best to him if he decides to go somewhere else, but the Avs don’t need him.

  7. There seems to be plenty of interest for him in Sweden.
    Skelleftea AIK is looking for a northamerican replacer for Brad Moran and Hensick is reported to be one of the topnames on that list.
    What does TJ himself have to say about his future?
    He would cetainly earn more money there than in the AHL.

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